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Vision and Values


“Bright Futures for All”


Our School Vision

We are a child centered, caring and motivational school.

We support each other in a spirit of openness and inclusivity.

We work with integrity to ensure all children have the skills they need to achieve their ambitions.


Watlington Primary School is a ‘Values’ School

This means we promote and teach a set of values every day. These values guide our behaviours and our thinking so that we can create a purposeful and happy school community. Our ‘Values Ladders’ help us celebrate this culture across the school and remind us that during work or at play we should all be demonstrating our values and working to improve them. Our values apply to children, adults and visitors.  


School Values

September  - Responsibility                    

October – Cooperation

November – Courage                               

December – Peace

January – Hope                                        

February – Thoughtfulness

March – Honesty                                     

April – Freedom

May – Resilience                                      

June – Respect

July – Tolerance

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