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Big Friday Shout Outs!!!!


So Hedgehogs we are now at the end of week 2 of our Home Learning. I hope you have settled into some sort of routine and been able to try out some activities from our class page. I have been looking today at our class Mathletics pages, for both classes and I wanted to say a   BIG THANK YOU   to everyone for trying it out, well done!


I have to give a special mention to those of you who have used Mathletics the most over the last two weeks. I know lots of you have already gained Bronze Certificates; that makes me very proud. Keep going...... Silver next! 


So I have tracked participation (joining in) and have found a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners for each class. So here is a great big shout out for all of you! Well done. Gold means you are in first place for giving Mathletics a go the most; brilliant. Silver means you are in 2nd place: amazing. Bronze means you are in 3rd place; awesome!!!!! And the winners are.....


Hedgehogs 1 Hedgehogs 2
Gold         Matilda Gold    Imogen
Silver       Sophie Silver   Georgia
Bronze     Mary Bronze   Eliza


Week 2      Monday 30th March                   


 Good Morning Hedgehogs, I hope you had a super weekend!


Beginning this week I thought we could get creative. Try these activities and think of ways you could change them so you can use materials you enjoy most. If I have suggested you draw a rainbow but you prefer construction then try building one from Lego or Duplo instead. Be creative in your thinking!


Please try to log on to your Mathletics activities if you haven't tried this yet.


  • Try building something from junk modelling. Please make sure a grown up is happy for you to use the junk and that it has been washed well first. (To ensure empty toilet rolls and egg cartons are germ free try popping in microwave for 30 seconds before use.)
  • Set up an indoor obstacle course using things you can find around your home like cushions, tape, rugs, blankets and toys. Can you find something to climb over / under ? Can you find something you have to balance on? Can you find something to crawl through? Can you include some actions such as jumps, hops or running on the spot? Try and make the course different and interesting.

  • Draw what you can see out of your window. What is the weather like today? Is it rainy, windy or sunny or maybe all of these? This could be a model of what you can see outside instead, or a model of a different sort. Use your imagination and creative ideas. What can you make today?



Wednesday 1st April       Morning Hedgehogs!


I hope you are all okay and enjoying some time at home. Here are some activities for the next couple of days. I hope you had fun getting creative. What did you make? What did you use? Did you like the egg box ideas?


  • Word Snap!

Try copying some tricky words onto post it notes or small pieces of paper. You only need  about 5 or 6 words but you will need two of each. You could ask a grown up to write some too. Turn them over and put them face down on the carpet. Muddle them up so you can’t guess which is which. Take turns to turn 2 over, shout SNAP if you find a pair.


  • Set up a toy washing station.

Find plastic dolls,toys or figures that can get wet. Set up a wash station somewhere so that you can get the toys all soapy and clean. Have you got somewhere they can dry? How long do you think it will take for them to dry?



  • Time ticks on! We have been learning about time. Can you have some fun finding out how long things take at home? How long does it take you to do the following tasks?


  • Have breakfast
  • Clean your teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Tidy your room
  • Eat your lunch
  • Do 10 star jumps
  • Read a book
  • Run around your garden (if you are lucky enough to have one).



Friday 3rd April


Morning! A little maths practise today. Please try out your Mathletics log in today and play a game. There are lots and lots of fun things to try. 

Do you remember our work on time? Here are some things to try at home.....


Can you have some fun finding out how long things take at home? How long does it take you to ……

  • Have breakfast
  • Clean your teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Tidy your room
  • Eat your lunch
  • Read a book

Run around your garden (if you are lucky enough to have one)

What else could you time?



Julia Donaldson LIVE!!!

If you would like to start the day with something active Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is doing a daily workout for kids on his YouTube channel.


Week 1    Monday 23rd March  


  • Write a letter to a friend, an older relative or neighbour and post it through their door or send it through the post. Maybe they will write back to you if you send them your address.
  • Build a den for reading in. Fill with cushions, blankets, snacks and of course your favourite books! After dark this would be fun by torchlight or lit with fairy lights. Read a story to one of your toys.
  • Make playdough, there are lots of non-cook recipes you can use. Here is mine:


    I cup plain flour

    1/3 of a cup salt

    2 teaspoons cream of tartar

    1 tablespoon vegetable oil

    1 cup boiling water (this cooks the ingredients without the need to stand over the hob and heat)

    Food colouring (experiment)


  • Have a teddy bears'picnic with your toys. Send invitations to members of your family, telling them what time it will be and where.  E.g. 

    Dear Mummy,

    Please come to my teddy bear's picnic today at 3 o'clock.

    It is in my bedroom. Bring a teddy!




Wednesday - Thursday


  • How about trying to make a smoothie? Make a smoothie or a some soup from scratch. It’s important to stay healthy! You could make a list of the ingredients you used. If you want to you could make a fruit salad instead.
  • Plan a treasure hunt for your family, hiding things around the house for them to find. Try giving them clues and telling them if they get close (warmer) or further away (colder). 
  • Set up a ‘Snack Shop’, with snacks for sale and sell them to your family. Make price labels for each item and signs to say what times the ‘Snack Shop is open.


Some outdoor learning for today as we usually go to Forest School on Friday.


Journey stick  When you’re out on a walk, pick up a stick and encourage your child to collect natural objects such as leaves, feathers and acorns.

Back at home, help your child attach the things they found to their stick, using wool, thread or glue, to create a ‘journey stick:’ a concrete reminder of their outing.

‘As well as encouraging your child to remember and talk about the walk, this is a great problem-solving activity, as you need to work together to find out how to attach the objects to the stick,’

Rock Museum   Children are attracted to stones and pebbles as if by magnetism, so tap into their enthusiasm by helping them set up their own rock museum.

Get your child to collect stones of different shapes, sizes and colours, and arrange them in a way that pleases them – for example, by size.

Encourage them to use a magnifying glass to examine each stone and write a label or make an annotated drawing explaining its characteristics.



Daily Phonics

Practise reading and saying the following phonemes that we have been learning:


ch / sh / th / ng / ai / ee


  • Look on phonics play website (see below) and play some games using these phonemes.

Notes to parents: It is really important that your child attempts to say each sound clearly, if they can't do so yet you can help them by getting them to watch you make that sound, so they can copy how you move your lips / teeth / tongue to say it correctly. They could also use a mirror to look at how they are making that sound. They won't be able to correct this immediately but with gentle reminders and plenty of practise it will come.

  • Go for a hunt around the house for 'something beginning with ch / sh / th' or 'something with the phoneme ng / ai / ee'. 

Daily Maths


  • Please try out the Mathletics website!
  • Count things around your house, toys, bricks, pencils..... and outside, pebbles, leaves, flowers. Count everything!
  • Practise counting on from any number up to 20, e.g. 13..... 14,15, 16 etc. (This is harder than starting at 1.)  Practise counting back from any number up to 20. Are you better at counting on or counting back?