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Meet the PTA

Welcome from your PTA


As a parent of a child at Watlington Primary School you are automatically a member of the PTA (Parent Teacher Associate). Your PTA is about much more than simply fundraising (although we do a lot of that!). The PTA exists to provide closer links between home and school and is an excellent way to bring parents, staff and other supporters together socially in support of our lovely school.


What does the PTA do?


We meet on a regular basis, usually once per term, when all members are very welcome. At these meetings we vote on proposals, form smaller event planning groups for specific initiatives (such as the Christmas disco or the Summer fete) and make suggestions for spending and raising funds. The PTA committee and event planning groups also meet as necessary to manage the charity, fundraising and events.


You will receive regular updates via the school newsletter to provide you with information about what the PTA has done, what the future plans are and how you can get involved.


We welcome any suggestions for improvement or additions… Just get in touch with one of the Committee!


The committee - who are we?


We are a group of like minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the community and working together with the school to provide the very best for the children of the school. Many of us work full time and juggle our commitments to the Committee with work, childcare, general life admin… but most of all, we all have fun. We have representatives throughout the age groups of the school. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us.



Amy Williams


Dylan (Yr 2, Owls)

Theo (Hedgehogs)


Pippa Wheatley

Lucas (Yr 5, Golden Eagles)

Evie (Yr 3, Foxes)

Megan (Yr1, Bats)

Charlie, Noah & Rosie (Icknield)

Paula Brown

Vice Chair

Esther (Robins)

Reuben (Yr 2, Owls)

Mia (Yr 6, Crested Eagles)


Claire Hodges

Reuben (Yr 4, Badgers)

Susie Grove


Sam (Yr 2, Owls)

Calum (Y5, Golden Eagles)


Char Newing

Dolly (Yr 1, Bats)

Justine Carter


Albie (Yr 3, Foxes)

Mimi (Yr 1, Bats)


Nina Paddock

Madeleine (Yr 3, Foxes)

Christina Clifton

Albert (Yr 4, Badgers)

Wills (Hedgehogs)

Henry (Icknield)


Jennie Shields

Rose (Yr 1, Bats)

James (Yr 3, Foxes)

Ellen Fletcher

Arthur (Yr 3, Foxes)

William (Yr 2, Owls)

Sammy (Icknield)

Harry (College)


Alexandra Browne

Tibby (Yr 2, Owls)

Jude (Hedgehogs)

Stephanie Halliwell

Phoebe (Hedgehogs)

Maggie (Nursery)


Vanessa Nielson

Ana (Year 2, Owls)

Olivia (Year 1, Bats)


Class Representatives & WhatsApp groups


Each class has a PTA class representative, who provides communication between the PTA committee and the school class they are responsible for. This communication is often managed via the class WhatsApp groups. If you need to be added to the WhatsApp group please reach out to Amy on


Robins - Nursery

To be assigned

Hedgehogs - Reception

Amy Williams

Bats (Year 1)

Justine Carter

Owls (Year 2)

Susie Grove

Foxes (Year 3)

Pippa Wheatley

Badgers (Year 4)

Christy King

Crested Eagles (Year 5 & 6)

Paula Brown

Golden Eagles (Year 5 & 6)

Alice Gilbey



Get Involved

The smooth running of the PTA is entirely dependent on volunteers. We know that everyone is busy and joining a PTA can sound daunting. By dividing the workload across multiple roles we ensure that no single individual is overloaded, whilst providing the opportunity for all parents to get involved in a way that suits their schedule.


Are you interested in joining us on the PTA? We are always on the lookout for new committee members and fresh ideas! It is a fantastic way to meet like minded parents. We meet once a term to discuss the organisation of local events and fundraising opportunities. To find out about the current vacancies in the PTA committee please contact Amy on


Social media


Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest PTA news. By Liking and using our Facebook page you agree to abide by the Facebook Policy.


Fundraising & Events



Raise money for your school by doing your everyday online shopping using these links and references:






Easy Fundraising

Shop via this site to earn commission for the school from many different online retailers

Variable (e.g. Amazon 1.5%)

Easy Fundraising

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Easy 2 Name

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Easy 2 Name

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Personalised multisurface name label stamp



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If you're chucking it out, check to see here if it can raise money for your school:







Textiles & shoes - wearable dry and clean mens, ladies & children's clothing, paired shoes, handbags, ties & belts, linens & towels. NO duvets, pillows or soft toys. All donations in tied plastic bags please.

Paid per kg of textiles


School car park



We run our own school PTA lottery. Please follow the link below for full details:



Welcome to our wonderful school!