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Here you will find important information about our learning and updates as to what we have been doing in class.


Find links to our latest topic web and home learning grid below. Each week, please make sure one task from the home learning grid is completed alongside regular reading, spelling and times tables practise.


Feel free to contact me via the class email address if you have any queries or questions.


PE days this term are Monday and Thursday. 

Useful Web Links for Home Learning

Key Documents 

Term 4


STEM Week 
We had a busy last week of term focusing on STEM activities. Throughout the week we: carried out a science investigation, explored the work of scientist Marie Curie and completed a DT project which involved designing and making a moving image. 


In groups, we carried out a science investigation to answer the question- Do people with longer femurs jump further? Before starting, we made predictions and discussed how we were going to ensure that it was a fair test. Once complete, we evaluated the investigation and explored the results. It was concluded that, people with longer femurs don’t necessary jump further. 

Marie Curie 

Marie Curie is considered to be one of the most influential scientists of all time, her work focused on radioactivity. Did you know? Marie was the first women to win a Nobel prize and the only person to receive Nobel prizes in two difference areas of science.  


During STEM week, we looked at mechanisms and created a moving image using a lever and linkage. The results were impressive! Once completed, we evaluated the overall design and moving mechanism, considering how we could make improvements next time.


Alma Thomas Artwork 

World Book Day 

Outdoor Learning Afternoon

This term in RE our we are learning about symbolism. During week one, we discussed the Watlington school badge and motto and how they represent/symbolise our school. 

We started our new science topic, Animals, Including Humans by labelling the human skeleton. 

In English, we have started a new unit of writing on newspaper reports. So far we have, learnt the model text with actions, identified the main features of newspaper reports and defined some of the vocabulary. Next week, we will continue to explore the text further and practice using some of the features within our own writing. 

Term 3

Mental Health Week 

A few pictures from the last week of what has been a really busy term! 


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Parents Evening; it was great to catch up with you all and talk about your child's progress.


Throughout the week, we spent time celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week by: discussing mental health and what it means, making affirmations cards, creating LOVE inspired artwork and dressing to express ourselves! 


Egyptian Artwork

Terrific Topic 

Some of this terms fantastic topic work. During the term we have being looking at, the mummification process, the importance of the pyramids and the Egyptians beliefs surrounds Gods and Goddesses. 

Drumming Workshop

Week 1 & 2


We have had such a brilliant and busy start to the term. 


We have:

  • Started our new topic on Ancient Egypt- Everyone seems to be enjoying this so far!
  • Learnt and practiced our new model text in English, which is a portal story about a boy who travels back in time. 
  • Began using formal written methods for multiplication in maths. 
  • Carried out a science experiment investigating the distance a toy car travels on different surfaces. We discovered that, with smoother surfaces the car travels a greater distance as there is less friction.



Icknield Dance Workshop 

Last week we attended a dance workshop at Icknield; the children learnt and performed a short dance routine, all of which were excellent! This week, we are heading back for a drumming workshop. 

Term 2

What a brilliant and busy end to the term it has been! Wishing you all a wonderful break and a very Merry Christmas. 

Christmas Jumper Day 


We’ve been working on creating animations in our computing lessons. In the first lesson we looked a moving images and made flip books. We then created animations on the iPads where the Foxes came up with some great creative designs! 

Topic Work

All Stars Cricket

Another busy week in Foxes. We’ve continued our writing on non chronological reports and have been applying all the features we’ve learnt to writing a new report about polar bears. 

Remembrance Day Artwork 


What a brilliant start to term 2! In English we have begun our new unit of writing on non- chronological reports. So far we have learnt our model text, analysed the key features of non-chronological reports and defined some of the vocabulary found within the text. 

In maths we have been looking at formal methods of addition and subtraction. We have been using the column method to add and subtract 3 digit numbers. 

Term 1

Home Learning 

A huge well done on the wonderful home learning this term Foxes! It has been lovely to watch the Foxes sharing work with the rest of the class that they’ve clearly worked so hard on at home. 

Week 6

Thank you to all that attended parents evening; it was great to discuss the children’s wonderful work and progress so far in year 3. 

We had a busy and exciting end to the term. The children loved our visiting theatre company this week, following on from our unit on persuasion the children created persuasive adverts in English following the performance. 

In science we completed our experiment which aimed to test the permeability of different soil types. After making predictions and discussing how we would ensure it was a fair test, we carried out the experiment as a class and then drew conclusions. 

Fun French 

Week 5

This week in our computing lesson we trialled drawing on the iPads and comparing it to drawing on paper, the majority of the class preferred using pencil and paper as they were able to add in more details.

We’ve planned and completed our Stone Age diary entries in English, which are all fantastic. We ended the week with Outdoor Learning Day, during which we used the outdoor nature trail, went into forest school and created some natural artwork inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy. 

Outdoor Learning Day

Week 4

It has been a fun week in Foxes Class! On Tuesday we celebrated European Languages Day by researching facts and information about Spain, we also learnt some simple Spanish phrases. In English, we innovated our model text and created our own version with lots of shared writing as a class. Next week, the children will begin to plan and write their own Stone Age diary entries. 

Representing numbers in a variety of ways through Maths journaling 

Police Officer Hays 

We had a visit from Police Officer Hayes this morning who delivered an important lesson on differences, bullying and where to go if you are being bullied. The children completed a fun activity where they got to learn the similarities and differences between one another.

Week 3 

Another brilliant week in Foxes Class! We began to look at the writing features within our model text including adverbs, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. The Foxes applied what they had learnt and created some fantastic writing. Our science topic this term is rocks; this week, we looked at a variety of rocks and began to compare them based on their appearance and properties. 

Impressive dance routines in PE this week! 

Week 1 & 2

This term our writing unit is based around a diary entry. To start the unit, the Foxes wrote their own diary entries to demonstrate what they already knew. They then went on to learn and memorise the model text, a diary written by Ug (the Stone Age boy genius) who is looking something softer to wear! The children came up with creative and memorable actions in order to help them recall and remember the structure of the text, which will in turn, help to develop their own writing skills.

The Foxes have had such a fantastic start to Year 3 and the new academic year! They have been incredibly busy already and produced some wonderful pieces of work across the curriculum. 

See below their brilliant monochromatic self portraits, which were created during the first week back. 

Welcome to our wonderful school!