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We had a very exciting visit from Elizabeth, a scientist at Oxford University. She talked to us all about our brains and then we made our own. Did you know that our brains are being built all the time? Ask us how to keep our brains healthy and what the different parts are of the brains are.

Science - electrical circuits

We created a simple circuit in science to make a bulb work. We then started to investigate what would happen if we added a switch, an extra cell or an extra bulb.

Ancient Greece Homework

Quel animal as-tu? What pet do you have?

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We have been learning about how to say which pets we do and don't have in French. Can you translate what we are saying?


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Science investigation - string phones

Badgers class really enjoyed investigating sound using string telephones. Some children investigated cups made from different materials, whilst the rest of the class investigated different materials of string. 

Football taster session with ‘footykids’

Ancient Greek homework

World Book Day

Class Trip to Oxford Castle and Prison!

To mark the end of our local study of Oxford, Badgers class spent the day at Oxford Castle and Prison! 

Putting Badgers class in the stocks and pillory was Miss Johnson's favourite part of the day! wink

During our workshop, we learnt all about how crime and punishment has changed through time; from the 1200s up to the present day. From being branded with a 'F' (which stood for 'felon') for theft, to community service. We learnt about the kind of labour prisoners would have had to endure in Oxford Castle in the past and some of us even had a go!  

We really enjoyed our tour around the castle with our guide, who was from the 1800s! We learnt about some of the prisoners through time, including the infamous Mary Blandy. 

Artwork inspired by Joan Miro

Homework related to our topic - Oxford

Maths posters

In maths, we have been applying our understanding of place value to multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

PE - football

Badgers class have really enjoyed learning football with WR Sports. They finished the term with a whole class mini-tournament!

Making our own Roman shields!

Badgers class have been learning about the different styles and designs of Roman shields. We found out the meaning behind the colours and images they used and we have started to create our own. Keep an eye-out for photos of the finished product!

Finished Roman clay pots and coins

Recorders - composing our own piece of music

Recorders - composing our own piece of music

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DT - Roman clay pots and coins

We really enjoyed getting messy with clay in Badgers class! For our pot, we used either a ‘coil’ or a ‘pinch’ technique. On our coins, we inscribed Roman Numerals or the outline of a Roman leader. Once they are dry, we are going to paint them. 

Roman Homework

Maths - Routine to the 3 X table

We’ve been working really hard learning our times tables in Badgers! We made up a routine to the 3 times table, having a new action for each answer.

DT - Roman vase mosaics

Playing in Forest School

Science - Acting out the Water Cycle!

We really enjoyed trying to perform the Water Cycle in Science. We had to include and explain the key stages: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. 

Roman Homework

History - Investigating Roman Artefacts

Badgers class really enjoyed investigating Roman artefacts from the museum box we hired. We discussed a range of questions about each item. For example:

What is the object used for?

What is it made from?

How was it made?

What sort of person would have used this object?

Testing out the new play equipment!

Term 3 2023

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday. Please see below for our class newsletter and home learning documents.

Home learning grid Term 1 and 2

Welcome to our wonderful school!