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Term 3 Home learning 

Below you will find the home learning grid for term 3 along with spelling lists and our term 3 class newsletter

Maths W.B. 10.1.22

This week Hares have finished off their unit of learning on area and perimeter and I couldn't be any more prouder of them all! Over the last couple of weeks we have looked at what perimeter and area actually mean and how we can work out how to calculate both the area and perimeter of rectangles, rectilinear shapes and irregular shapes. We looked at how we can use the formula A=LxW to help, even if the shape was a rectilinear shape. 

Well done Hares! The gold rush was well and truly deserved in class this week - keep up the great work!!


Mrs G-B

Science Oxford 11.1.22

To start off our new science topic of changing materials, we were lucky enough to have Science Oxford come and visit our class. We spent the whole afternoon exploring what changes happened to different materials when we heated them up. As part of the investigations, the class had to make predictions before completing the experiments. We were really surprised by what happened to some of our items!


Hares - have you explained to your grown ups about the different materials that you were investigating and what happened to them?


Choctastic fun!

Hares class have had a great term designing and making their own chocolate linked to our DT and Maya topics. The class worked really hard in their teams to create some truly inspiring bars! I hope that the Hares managed to save you a square or 2 to try at home.


Mrs G-B

Did you see him?

We had a very special 'flying' visit today! Hares, tell your grown-ups about the exciting event this afternoon.

Anti-bullying week 15-19/11/21

This week across school we have been taking part in anti-bullying week. In Hares class we have looked at the definition of bullying and discussed the different types of bullying that people may encounter in their lives. We then discussed ways that we can help if we discover our friends are being bullied or even ourselves. This led us on to our 'One Kind Word' project. Hares thought of some beautiful words and decorated hands for a bigger art project across school. We collated all of our words on to one big hand during our Jigsaw session and displayed them on our Jigsaw board. 


Please find links below to the Anti-Bullying alliance website and the official song for Anti-Bullying week 2021.

Multiplication and Division

This week in maths we have started a unit on multiplication and division. We have come across some language that has been new to a few us!




Common factor

Prime number

Square number

Cube number


We have discovered the importance of knowing our times tables and division facts so have also been working on this. 

Below is a website with some games to help you practice some times tables facts.


HARES CHALLENGE: Use the knowledge organiser to help define our new vocabulary for the week. Can you practice finding factors of a number?
Can you recall the prime numbers up to 100?

What are the first 12 square and cube numbers?


Countries, Counties and Cities

Hares class were using atlases this week to investigate the UK. We looked at the 4 nations that make up the United Kingdom and found the capital cities of each. From this, the discussion turned to the difference between a county and a city and we began investigating where different places were. We then used an eight-point compass to describe the direction of cities and counties in relation to each other.


HARE CHALLENGE: Use the document below and an atlas or Google maps to help you find and plot the different cities and counties. When you are finished, can you describe the journey you would have to take if you wanted to visit 5 different places over the Christmas break?

Choctastic DT

As part of our Maya topic this half term, Hares are completing a design unit on chocolate. Over the past couple of weeks we have been conducting our own market research into chocolate bars that are currently on the market.

Last week we got to taste test some different flavours of chocolate including; dark, mint, turkish delight and even orange. We used this knowledge to come up with some of our own ideas for flavours that we might to try. 

This week, we designed and produced our own chocolate questionnaires that we have been handing out to the teachers and children in school. We can't wait to collate our results to see what our consumers think of chocolate ready for the next stage in our project!

HARES - why don't you conduct your own chocolate flavour research at home? 

Autumn term 2

Welcome back Hares! We have certainly had a busy start to this half term. It was so wonderful to see so many of your grown ups come and see how busy you have all been. 


I have added the new spelling list this term to this post. Next week (wb 8.11.21) is the start of the week one list. Make sure you spend some time understanding the words on you list and having a go at learning them. I haven't created a new home learning grid for this term as the one sent out at the start of the year had lots of activities and ideas for you to try. Over the next few weeks I will add some extra ideas to the class pages for you to have a go at if you find that you are running out of tasks. Remember you do not have to do all of the tasks on the grid in one go!


Have a great weekend Hares, stay safe if you are going to any firework displays and I will see you all on Monday!


Mrs G-B

The Maya class topic

We have been working really hard on out Autumn term topic of the Maya since the beginning of term. We have discovered when the Maya Civilisation began, where the Maya live, what life was like for the general population of cities and have begun looking at one of the 7 wonders of the world - Chichen Itza. This week we have finished off our mini civilisation, our Maya masks and used different sources of information to find out facts about the city.


Mrs G-B

Outdoor learning day 8.10.21

We have had a really fun and productive day today! Hares got to spend some time with Mrs Tanner in the morning in forest school and toasted marshmallows and made popcorn over a fire. In the afternoon, we went into the allotment and dug up the last of our vegetables (potatoes and carrots) and got our veg patch cleaned up and ready for winter planting. We also spent some time cleaning up parts of our outdoor area. It was a great day day had by all. We hope you enjoy the veg!!


Mrs G-B

Henley Literary Festival

Hares had the opportunity to attend a webinar by Jenny McLachlan, the author of the Battle for Roar series. We had great fun experimenting with words to create spells, listening to ideas on how to be a great writer and inventing our own mythical creatures. We used our outdoor learning day as a great opportunity to create giant characters of our own and tell short stories about them. 


Mrs G-B

WR Sports taster

Yesterday Hares were lucky enough to have a trial session from WR sports. They are a group that will be coming in after half term to lead sports after-school clubs. We had great fun playing games and linking skills to our current PE sport of Football. Remember if you would like to join in the after-school club then follow the instruction on the leaflet sent out via Parent mail


Mrs G-B

Maths in Hares

We have been really busy with our maths learning so far this term. We are working really hard on consolidating learning from last year and introducing new concepts in our place value, addition and subtraction topics. The children in Hares class have also been working on using the correct mathematical language during lessons to help them explain and show an understanding of concept through whole class learning and problem solving and reasoning tasks. Last week we ended the week revising learning so far with a few maths games. Hares, perhaps you could teach your grown ups how to play these at home!


Mrs G-B

Home Learning 

I am so impressed with the quality of the home learning that is being completed - well done Hares! Remember as well as the grid it is important to spend time looking at and learning you spellings, completing your Mathletics tasks, (including revising your times tables facts) and reading your reading book. Don't forget to complete the reading challenge that is in the back of your books, I have already seen that some of you are beginning to fill up your boxes!


Keep up the good work,


Mrs G-B

Home learning Autumn 2021


Hello Hares! 

Below is your home learning grid, reading challenge and spelling list for Autumn term. Remember to choose 1 task from the main grid each week as well as completing daily reading, learning your spellings and your weekly Mathletics task.


Home learning books will be sent home on a Friday and will need to be returned to school on Wednesdays. Don't forget, if you decide to create some of your home learning digitally, you can send it to the Hares class email.


Mrs G-B

Welcome back!

It has been so wonderful to see the children in Hares come back for the start of Year 5 with such positivity and enthusiasm. We have had a great first few days back and have launched straight into our Autumn topic of the Ancient Maya.


I have uploaded the Hares newsletter below. Here you will find some key information about Year 5, our topic web and permission to walk home slips. Paper copies have gone home as well. 


Keep checking back on our class page for updates on our learning and any important announcements. 


Mrs Gardner-Brown

Please visit our 'COVID19 Information Page' which can be found in the 'Key Information' area of our website.