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Playing cards maths!

Year 6 really enjoyed learning different games and maths related activities that we could do with a pack of cards!

During STEM week, we made oat biscuits from a WW2 rationing recipe - although we decided to use fresh eggs instead of dried eggs! They actually tasted really good!

For the 'Big Science Event', we explored Hoopster planes, which are made from a straw and paper hoops. We investigated whether the length of the straw/size of the hoop/material of the straw/amount of hoops affected the speed or distance of the plane. 

Year 6 residential - March 2024 - PGL liddington 

We’re here!

Maths Journalling

Maths journalling is used by learners to record their methods, explanations and ideas for solving maths problems and learning of mathematical concepts. They can explain their thinking using diagrams, images or written explanantions. Here are some examples of maths journalling, where learners had to explain their understanding of percent. 

Mental Health Week - photo booth

Artwork inspired by The Blitz

The cause of WW2 and the leaders

The axis and allied powers

Dance at Icknield

This term, Year 6 have had a dance session each week at Icknield. The dance teacher has organised a project, involving years 4, 5 and 6 from Watlington Primary School and pupils studying dance at Icknield. Each year group learns a different routine, which will be put togther when it's finished. 


Year 6 really enjoyed helping Bats class make Advent wreaths. Each wreath had four candles, with 'joy', 'hope', 'love' and 'peace' written on them. 

Artwork inspired by Picasso 



Year 6 started their 'Bikeabiliy' training today! Bikeability is a nationally accredited cycle training scheme, which provides trainees with the necessary skills to ride on today's roads. Level 1 takes place on the playground, where they focus on basic cycling skills, before going out onto the roads to complete level 2.

Outdoor Learning Day


Year 6 really enjoyed their outdoor day! We started with 'outdoor maths', which included trying to measure the height the of a tree. You do this by standing at the base of the tree and then walking away from it until you can see the tree when you look up through your legs. The distance you are away from the base of the tree is equivalent to the height. We also spent some time with our Year 1 buddies,  where we completed a scavenger hunt and built dens in forest school. We ended the day with some outdoor artwork, using only natural resources. 



Topic - Christopher Columbus 


We have been learning about Christopher Columbus, as part of our topic on U.S.A. We studied his life, the voyages he went on and the discoveries he made. Although he did not discover America, he did start regular contact between Europe and America. Did you know, Christopher Columbus' largest ship, was less than 23m long! 

Languages morning

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The transition from Early Years to Year 1 is a big one - but don't worry, Year 6 are here to help! Each child from Golden Eagles is given a child from Bats class to become 'buddies' with. The older children mentor, encourage and support the younger children through their first year at 'big school'. We had a great time getting to know each other today; we learnt all about our buddy's interests and hobbies and we had lots of fun playing games together. 

Drama - freeze frames


Year 6 had to create freeze frames, based on one of the scenes from our class text, 'Wonder'. We used evidence from the text to determine our postitioning, body language and facial expressions. The rest of the class had to guess which scene it was and which character each child was. 


Science - Classifying Conundrums!


Scientists believe there could be as many as 10 million different species on Earth! 

That's why they group living things according to their similarities and differences - this is called classification. To begin our new unit in science, Year 6 were given the challenge of designing their own zoo. They had to decide how to group a wide selection of animals and justify their choices to the class. 


We have been learning about the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset in Year 6. Did you know, you can actually train your brain and you are capable of learning ANYTHING - if you have the right mindset! The children created some videos and posters explaining the difference.

Maddy and Konomi.MOV

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Noah and Dougie.MOV

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Term 3 spellings

Welcome to Year 6!

We hope you all had a lovely summer.

Please see below for home learning documents for Term 1.

Welcome to our wonderful school!