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Communication at Watlington Primary School


The communication team leads the following subjects: Reading (including phonics), Writing, SPaG and Modern Foreign Languages.


At Watlington Primary School we believe that the Communication curriculum:


  • Provides a rich cross-curricular approach to English where engaging and purposeful texts are at the heart of all learning.

  • Develops skills to enable children to become proficient communicators.  Opportunities to develop children’s reading, writing and speaking & listening skills are embedded not only within the English curriculum but also across the wider creative curriculum.

  • Inspires children to engage with language and promotes enquiring, imaginative minds with the ability to ask questions and develop independent learning behaviours.

  • Maximises life skills to ensure happy, healthy and resilient adults that can utilise their communication skills for both work and pleasure.

Reading Intent

At Watlington Primary School we develop early phonological skills enabling them to become confident young readers using the systematic phonics approach through the Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) programme. This translates into progressively challenging and engaging texts throughout KS1 and KS2. These skills are developed with early reading in Nursery. We establish a thirst for reading through use of high quality texts within our Talk for Writing approach. We engage with established links/visit with the local library for our younger children and maximise our excellent libraries throughout the school in order to encourage a life-long love of books. We embed comprehension skills through English and topics and benefit from reading workshops, book clubs and school reading cafes that engage positive parental involvement. We celebrate a love of reading through special events such as World Book Day, Shakespeare Week, author visits and shared reading through the key stages.


Writing Intent

At Watlington Primary School the children are inspired to enjoy writing from early mark making opportunities, both inside and outside, leading to writing for purpose and intent in a range of styles. We engage with Talk for Writing throughout the school and this embeds a deeper understanding of genres, text-types and audience. The children respond to stimulating hooks to inspire purposeful writing outcomes.



Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Intent


At Watlington Primary School the children learn relevant skills linked to spelling, punctuation and grammar through lessons threaded across the curriculum. They understand that these skills are not stand alone and therefore confidently demonstrate how to apply these skills in all writing opportunities. 

Speaking and Listening Intent


At Watlington Primary School children develop into sensitive and confident communicators who can demonstrate respectful exchanges by listening, speaking with kindness and tolerance as well as explaining with clarity and confidence. They explore and experience different situations where speaking and listening are essential tools to communication, including: performance, presentation, discussion and debate opportunities. They understand the importance of speaking and listening effectively and that this can support misunderstandings being addressed and resolved.


Modern Foreign Languages Intent


We believe the children at Watlington Primary School develop a curiosity towards other cultures and languages. They learn French from year 3-6 with a focus on oral and verbal skills. We celebrate language through specific language and culture days.



Knowledge and Skills Progression Ladders

These ladders are the basis for our planning, teaching and learning. They draw on Bloom's Taxonomy, the National Curriculum and subject-specific schemes where applicable.  

Welcome to our wonderful school!