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Early Years Curriculum Evening - September 2023


Welcome Hedgehogs Parents,


Just to let you know this page will be updated by the end of the school day on a Friday, if you want to check for news that will be a good time to look.


Thank you for supporting us in these early days to have children here on time, and to collect promptly. We will become more confident at recognising new parents as time goes on! Feel free to let your child walk straight into class in the morning, there is no need to queue.


Please remember the following essential kit (if you haven't brought it in already)

  • book bag
  • wellies
  • waterproofs
  • sun hat


There are some children who don't have a book bag yet, so I was not able to give them a reading book. We can send the new books home as soon as they have a book bag, they are all ready to go! You can order one on Price and Buckland, or speak to Jennie Shields (PTA) who organises the pre-loved uniform sale, as she may have second hand book bags available.


Thank you smiley


Week 3

The children are making friends and learning the rules. They are enjoying being outside the most! We are having a few tears as children come in, on some mornings. Please be reassured; this is normal and it doesn't last long. They are settling quickly and just love you so much it is hard to say goodbye!

We have started PHONICS. We are learning the letter sounds: s, a, t, p, i, n, m and d. We are learning to make words using these letter sounds and to write the letter shapes.

You can help at home by trying to find those letters in the reading books we send home (if your child has a book with some letters and words in) or by trying to write the letters.

Parent Line

Helpful Web Links for Learning at Home

This is what we got up to next! We are learning to make friends.

Here are a few photos from our first week!

Welcome to our wonderful school!