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w/c Monday 11th July 2022



This week, we have been looking at angles and turns. There are four right angles in a whole turn. We learnt how many degrees are in different types of angles. We went outside with a partner and had to direct them around the paddock using this mathematical language. For example, "walk forward 5 steps. Quarter turn clockwise. Walk forward 2 steps. Make a 180 degree turn anti-clockwise."


We have been investigating how water is transported through plants. Plants need to be watered at the roots, then the stem can act as a straw and transport the water to the leaves. Each table group were given a plant in a cup of water. We then added food colouring so that we could see how the water was transported to the different areas of the plant. We have left our plants in the food colouring over night - hopefully, the petals will change colour over the next few days! 

Friday 1st July 2022


Happy Canada Day! smiley


Thank you to Adam for bringing in pancakes and maple syrup and lots of activities for us to complete. We had a great day! 

w/c 27th June 2022


It has been two weeks since we first planted our beans and we have seen a variety of results so far! I think our faces show how we are feeling about their growth... 

w/c 13th June 2022


This week, we have been looking at what plants need in order to grow. We set up an investigation. In pairs, we were all given a bean to plant in a cup of soil. We had to decide what conditions the bean should grow in and put them in these conditions. We will be checking on our beans every day. We'll make sure to update you on their progress! smiley

Drama Workshop at the Story Museum

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022 - check out our 00s outfits!

The Queen gave us a visit...

We performed our dance to the whole school! We did a FANTASTIC job!

Having fun with our friends all day...

And finally, the double denim crew!

In Science, we have been looking at the human body. We created and labelled our own skeletons!

Last week, we went to the Thame Leisure Centre for our first class swimming lessons. All of the Foxes children were really brave and pushed themselves every day in the water! I was so impressed with their attitude towards the lessons, as were the instructors. We then ended up having a rather exciting (and long) journey home on Thursday afternoon! All of the children showed incredible resilience on the coach and were so calm and patient in what was a very tricky situation. As a result, our learning ladder was looking VERY positive on Friday morning! Well done Foxes, you make me very proud to be your teacher smiley

Enjoying our PE lessons with WR sports

Solving + and - problems in teams!

Please make sure to regularly check our sub-pages below to see what the Foxes children have been getting up to in class. smiley

Amazing Y3 piano playing!

Still image for this video
Welcome to our wonderful school!