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Good Morning Swallows,


It’s the end of your second week of home learning – and the end of a busy (and unusual!) term. How have you been managing with organising your own learning routine and tasks? I know that we teachers have found it difficult to adapt to working from home…! We would rather be in school with you!


Have go at completing as many of today’s tasks as you can. This is also a good opportunity for you to catch up and complete any activities you have maybe been putting off over the last couple of weeks, so you can switch off and enjoy a guilt-free holiday J  As the next two weeks are the Easter holidays we will not set any home learning. We still expect you to be reading where possible.


You will still be able to access Mathletics so feel free to log on whenever you like.


We have also noticed that Liam and Harry will be celebrating their birthdays during the Easter break (don’t worry Sammy – we know yours is on the first day back!) – we hope you both have a great day celebrating!


Check back on the school website for your new tasks on Monday 20th April.


Have a great holiday and stay safe!


Mr Gale and Mrs Dowling J


MATHS: Please visit Mathletics and complete all of the tasks you have been set. Let’s all work together to up our position from 21st in the UK and aim for the top spot!!


READING: What impression does the author want the reader to have of the characters? Do you think that you feel the way about characters that the author want you to? Explain why.


SPELLING: Test yourself on the spellings you have been focusing on this week.


ENGLISH: Edit and up-level.


TASK: Edit and up-level your NCR. Check that you have included all the features. You could choose the 1, 2 or 3 chilli toolkit attached and mark your work in the self-assessment column (SA).  Ask a family member to mark it afterwards.  You can either print the toolkit to mark against or you can list the numbers of the features that you have used.


OPTIONAL: Publish your NCR. You could do this on Publisher or by hand.


MUSIC: Log onto Charanga and practise your brass instrument.


PE: Create your own HIIT workout. Think of 5 moves. E.g. star jumps, burpees, squat jumps, high knees and plank shoulder taps. Do each move for 40secs and then have a 20sec rest. Repeat 4-5 times. Alternatively, have a go at one of Joe Wicks’ (body coach) workouts. Do it outside!

Well Done Swallows!

Well Done Swallows! 1
Well done everyone! Our class is 21st in the UK ranking with 1690 points.  We are so proud of you.  Let's see if we can make the top 20 - it's not far away!

Brass - Why not try some of these tasks on Yumu?



Good Morning,


Happy April Fools’ Day!  Given the circumstances, a joke didn’t really seem appropriate.  However, please do discuss the correct placement of the apostrophe . Google has decided to skip its annual prank this year, but various newspapers and websites seem at odds as to where the apostrophe belongs. What would the apostrophe society of Watlington say? 


That aside, here are the activities for Wednesday and Thursday.


MATHS: Well done to those of you that have won more awards! You have now been set some addition and subtraction tasks to complete.  Remember to look at the problem solving as well as the assigned tasks.


READING: What techniques has the author used to keep you engaged? Think of at least one thing that has made you want to read more. Is there anything the author could improve to make you want to read more?


SPELLING: Write each word in a sentence using cursive joined handwriting.


ENGLISH: We hope you got on well with your innovation and now have an introduction and a paragraph about your creature’s appearance.

TASK 1: Write a few more paragraphs of your report.




Write 2 more paragraphs. Choose from the following headings:

  • Habitat
  • Diet
  • Enemies
  • Magical powers/special features

Remember to look at the werewolf example to guide you.

Write 3 more paragraphs on areas of your choice.  Be as ambitious as you can.

List 3 fascinating facts and think of an interesting way to present them (fact file, bonus boxes etc.)

Write 3 or 4 more paragraphs. Create your own headings, possibly thinking about the history and science behind your creature, or their contribution to a key Middle Earth event.

Include a fact file, but can you think of a ‘twist’ or some information that will make your report a bit different from others?


TASK 2: Write a brief conclusion.  You can reassure your reader (you don’t want any nightmares!), suggest further reading, summarise the key points you’ve made or even reflect on what the reader should have learnt from your report.  


TOPIC: Volcanoes

Look at the map of the world attached.

Each triangle represents an active volcano. The majority are located along where the tectonic plates meet (‘fault lines’). There are a few volcanoes not along major fault lines, but these are mainly undersea volcanoes. How do you think living near one of these volcanoes would affect people’s lives?


TASK: Research the world’s most dangerous active volcanoes and create an information leaflet all about it.

Some suggested volcanoes:

Yellowstone Caldera, USA

Mount Vesuvius, Italy

Popocatepetl, Mexico

Sakurajima, Japan

Galeras, Columbia


EXTENSION: See if you can find out about the ‘Ring of Fire’


Did you know that the Hobbit movie was mainly filmed on location in New Zealand? New Zealand has active volcanoes on it – see if you can find out about them.


01.04.20 1

MONDAY 30th MARCH 2020


Good Morning Swallows


So, this isn’t what we all expected to be doing today.  We know that many of you will be disappointed that you’re not on your way to PGL instead of reading this, but keep working hard, try to stay positive and we will all continue to hope that our trip will go ahead in July.  In the meantime, know that both Mr Gale and Mrs Dowling are thinking of you and that staying happy and healthy are the most important things right now.


Here are some activities to keep you busy for the next few days (no abseiling, I’m afraid ).  As before, please do what you can to the best of your ability but also take time to exercise, play and relax.


MATHS: It is great to see that some of you have completed all of your assignments and the problem solving activities on Mathletics; an extra well done to all of you that have earned a bronze award!

We will now continue to set around 5 activities each day as we work our way through all the units of work as part of our revision.  This week we will start by revisiting number and place value (some of which we did as we were learning to use Mathletics in school).  Many of you will have new activities assigned or reassigned.  If you have completed all of the place value activities already, you have 3 options:

  • Please look at the problem solving activities that we have set, as well as any that you didn’t complete last week (again, well done to those that are attempting all of these).
  • Look at the interactives about ‘Index Notation’ and ‘Expanding’.
  • Look at the printable on ‘Whole Numbers and Place Value’.


READING: Please read for 20 mins each day. Think about the setting of your book and compare this to Middle Earth and the settings in The Hobbit.  How does the author bring the setting to life?


SPELLING: Practise spelling this week’s words.  Make sure you know the meaning of each word and can use it in a sentence.



Make sure you can read and understand this week’s spelling words, but then choose 6-10 words from last week’s English work that you need to learn.

All of this week’s words contain the root word ‘sign’.  What does this mean? What is the etymology of sign?  Can you think of more ‘sign’ words? Could you create a ‘sign’ word of your own that makes etymological sense?

Find another root word and create a spelling list for that.



TASK 1: Look at the Alan Peats’ sentence types that are attached.  Choose a creature from Middle Earth and write as many sentence types as you can about it.  Remember, description should be factual, not picturesque e.g. Living deep underground as a rule, goblins can be particularly sensitive to sunlight.  Please check all of your non-negotiables!




6 sentences

12 sentences

One of every sentence type – some are easier to adapt to factual writing than others!


TASK 2: Begin to innovate from the Werewolf NCR. Create a new introduction and a paragraph about appearance, choosing your level of challenge from below.




Sketch a creature from Middle Earth and label its appearance.

Choose a mythical creature from Middle Earth. E.g. orc, goblin.

Create your own creature or add elements to an existing Middle Earth creature.


OPTIONAL: You could draw and annotate your creature.

SCIENCE: Balancing Forces

Task 1: Go to this website and experiment with balancing the see-saw.  What do you notice about mass and the distance from the fulcrum (centre of balance)?

After experimenting and playing the game, explain how to balance objects of different masses on a see-saw.

Task 2: Design a marvellous machine to complete one of the tasks listed below.  You can include levers, pulley and gears alongside any other ingenious ideas that you have.  Tasks:  water a plant regularly, make a cup of tea, brush your teeth,  iron and fold clothes, peel vegetables or dress a person.

Friday 27th March 2020 - Activities and resources

Monday 23rd March 2020 - Activities and resources