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STEM at Watlington Primary School


The STEM team leads the following subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


At Watlington Primary School we believe that the STEM curriculum :


  • Provides a rich cross-curricular approach to all stem subjects where engaging and purposeful investigations are at the heart of all learning.
  • Develops creative planning to ensure cross-curricular teaching that is progressive and challenging. Stem learning is linked to topic planning and enables children to experience a range of inspiring activities. They develop their understanding that skills developed in one area can be transferred into other areas of learning.
  • Inspires children with rich learning opportunities to develop competence through progressive skills development in all subjects resulting in children  who can work collaboratively to develop independent scientific investigations as part of a county wide-competition, explore maths in real-life context and as part of wider curriculum work, use technology to record, present and analyse findings.
  • Maximises life skills to ensure happy, healthy and resilient adults that enjoy and contribute to research and development in new technology, scientific discoveries and engineering.




At Watlington Primary School we believe that the children:


  • Develop a practical, hands-on approach through investigations and open-ended tasks which promotes independent thinking and problem solving. Where children build on their scientific knowledge and competencies from Nursery to Year 6. Some areas of learning will be built up in layers and be revisited several times enabling children to deepen their understanding.
  • become thoughtful learners with inquiring minds who have the confidence to ask questions, discuss and explain their thinking.
  • Inspire awe and wonder through engaging and exciting activities that link to the children’s interests and the topic work they are exploring.
  • Increase their engagement with industry based science partners. We will exploit opportunities to ask parents to share their expertise in science and explore external workshops to enrich children’s experiences.
  • Engage with exciting, innovative projects linked with current affairs and topic work.




At Watlington Primary School we believe that the children:


  • become innovative through incorporation of technology across the curriculum to record, present and analyse findings.
  •  Develops knowledge of current technology, whilst being made aware of their digital footprint and how to stay safe online.
  • Become empowered to support each other to use different digital technologies in their learning.




At Watlington Primary School we believe that the children:


  • Develop early mathematical skills enabling them to become confident mathematicians using a variety of Concrete, Pictoral and Abstract (CPA) models throughout the school, to support and consolidate understanding. 
  • Establish a thirst for mathematical learning and improving investigative skills, using the maths they have been taught and applying it to other areas of the curriculum.
  • Engage with challenging open- ended investigations to consolidate and extend learning.
  • Embed mathematical skills to develop a wider breadth of understanding which they can apply to their learning in a range of subjects, and benefit from ‘real life’ maths.
Welcome to our wonderful school!