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Open Evening: Monday 21st November 2022 at 5pm to 6pm.  Reception places for September 2023.  No need to book, just come along. 

Which sounds are we learning in Phonics this week?

Early Years Curriculum Presentation, Sep 2022

Evil Pea leaves Vegetables in Peril! The children arrived this week to find that Evil Pea had snuck into Hedgehogs. They went on the hunt and made psoters and signs to warn eveyone to look out.... there's an Evil Pea about!

Storytellers: we have set up a story shelf in Hedgehogs class, where children are invited to make up a story of their own or to use books, props and other resources to re-tell a familiar story.

The Sleepy Shepherd

We visited the church this afternoon, to see the beautiful trees at The Christmas Tree Festival, it was magical. The walk there and back was pretty special too! What a busy day.12.12.22

And then there was snow!! The Hedgehogs and Robins children loved playing outside in the snow today. 12.12.22

Christmas has arrived..... busy, busy, busy!

Shape pictures using 2-d shapes

Measuring Polar Bears! Darcy told us that polar bears are ten feet tall. We wanted to know if this was true, so we fact checked the hypothesis using our class library and the i-pad. We found out they can indeed be between 8 to 11 feet tall! We wanted to see how tall this is for ourselves, so we went about measuring out 10 feet on the classroom floor. This involved some very scientific measuring, counting, recording and checking. Darcy lay down to see how tall she was, compared to a polar bear. Perhaps we have inspired some future polar explorers?!

Maths - we have explored simple patterns, counted everything and learnt to order three items, using the language of 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The children tried this out for themselves using chairs in a line - they loved using these new words!

We have been busy this term making things with paper. We have made poppies with Mrs Brown to hang in The Granary cafe in Watlington. These are for Remebrance Day.

It has been a week of watching the boys explore writing and mark-making! They love it!

Today we walked to the allotment with Robins class, we saw a GIANT pumpkin!

Sewing! Mrs Brown showed the children how to cut a pattern and use it to make costumes for the Three Bears. She even brought in her sewing machine so the children could learn how to stitch peices of fabric together. The children measured, drew, cut, discussed, compared, watched and wondered!

Welcome to Hedgehogs Class, here are a few of the things we have been getting up to........

Jumping in muddy puddles!

Welcome to our wonderful school!