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Golden Eagles Gallery!

Leticia's Queen of Hearts

Jake's egg

Rose's Hermione Granger

Freddy's work

Rose's setting and Narnia wardrobe

Sammie's landscape setting

Isaac's setting landscape and Narnia wardrobe

Jake's time capsule

Oscar's time capsule

Sammie's tree age task

Toby's work

Jake's Narnia research

Seb's work

Daisy's English

Rose's English

Seb's English and Jigsaw work

Sammie's internet safety poster

Toby's internet safety poster

Rose's tree maths

Sammie's French

Daisy's description

Kerris' maths

Jake's diary entry

Daisy's English

Henry's Science

Freddy's work and visit to the memorial at Cowleaze Wood

Isaac's evacuee diary entry and WW2 shelter and Spitfire on Minecraft

Alfie's filtering experiment

Writing in role - evacuees by Rose and Toby

Inform and persuade writing

Leticia playing the piano

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Kerris' timeline and maths

Daisy's 'Final Countdown' artwork

Toby's 'Final Countdown' artwork

Sammie's work from Music Week

Rose's German and art

Leticia's soundtrack

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Ollie's soundtrack

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Tom & Jerry by Maggie & Elsa.mp4

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Daisy's Tom and Jerry soundtrack

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Toby's knex windchime

Isaac playing Handel's 'The Conquering Hero' on the clarinet

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Seb's graphic notation to 'Jaws'

Ziah's music garden installation

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Can you guess the popular TV theme tune he's playing?

Elsa playing the guitar

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Freddy's Handel research

Toby's Nintendo Switch piano

Rose's art and science

Sammie's Handel research

Rose's Handel research

Jake's maths and English

Daisy's fanfare

Toby's knex guitar

Isaac's Handel research

Daisy's music

Maggie's art

Daisy's line graph

Isaac's line graph

Toby's WW2 work

Seb's WW2 shelter

Rose's WW2 art

Rose's WW2 timeline

Daisy's WW2 timeline

Daisy's Maths

Sammie's WW2 timeline

Welcome to our wonderful school!