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Thank you to everyone who came to our annual Beach Party. Everyone had a wonderful, and very wet, time! Bertie Slippers was the star of the show!

A huge well done to all Robins who took part in our Early Years Olympics. They practised all sorts of skills - jumping, running, throwing, balancing plus showed encouragement, bravery, independence and perseverance. WOW! We are extremely proud of all of you! Thank you to everyone who came to help and spectate too.

We have been very busy outdoors this term.

Thank you to our mystery readers so far! The Robins adore making the drum roll as you enter!

We've had a very happy start to Term 6. The Robins are raring to go!

Due to the warm weather - please remember to apply sun cream on before your child comes to Nursery and send them in with a sun hat! Many thanks. 

As part of our Jigsaw programme, Jerry Cat asked us to name parts of our bodies. We did this by drawing around each other! Test us at home!

The Robins have been mark making crazy recently! They are also practising their cutting skills. Watch out fingers! They are all doing so well.

As part of National Insect Week we took ourselves on a bug hunt. Can you find any on your way home or in your gardens?

The Robins have been thinking about how to be a good friend.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Week! In Early Years we focussed on what we'd like to be when we grow up and had some wonderful visitors to help inspire us. Thank you to Watlington Fire Service, Nurse Hayley and Paul - "the Bike Man!"

Thank you Kirsty and Josh for letting us visit your wonderful allotment again! We loved seeing how much our beans and peas had grown. Ask us what other seeds we planted there! (Answer - potatoes, carrots, rocket and basil!)

The Royal Coronation. We celebrated by making crown, building castles, making cakes and have a royal feast.

We have been thinking about making good and bad choices. Ask us what behaviour is friendly and what is unfriendly. We can tell you!

Busy Robins...

We've got the spring feeling in Robins this week!

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We love our new basketball hoop.

We have had a really positive start to Term 5. Wishing a warm welcome to our new families. We hope that you all enjoy settling in and making new friends.  

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our Little City visit. Look what we turned into!

Settling into Term 5, exploring new resources and making new friends.

We are all looking forward to Term 4 - rolling into Spring with the Robins! Please find our newsletter and topic web below.

We loved our trip to the allotments. Mrs Robinson-Ward showed us around and was so kind as she helped us to plant lettuce seeds, peas and beans! Thank you very much!

Ask us about what we found out when we took our eggs out of the different drinks / liquids...

Today we started our Big Science (Oxford) Event Egg-xperiment! This will also help us learn how to keep our teeth healthy. Ask us what we are trying to find out by putting eggs in different types of liquids! We can tell you why we using eggs!

Our challenge this week was to design a butterfly.

Using the i-pad to find out what bees look like and making them out of the shape tiles.

Look at our wonderful story map based on our special story 'Nature Trail'.

We hope all the Robin's Mummys liked their Mother's Day gifts. Did you find out what secret ingredients we'd used to print with?

World Book Day 2023! We have had such a lovely week, sharing and enjoying our books together.

We have been busy "pumping up" our mark making muscles by doing lots of different 'large' movements!

Children's Mental Health Week. The Robins chose an 'act of kindness' out of a lucky dip to do to / for someone else. Everyone did really well.

Safer Internet Day 2023. To highlight the importance of being safe when online, we will be sharing the story of Smartie the Penguin with the Robins. Please take time to read this at home and talk to your child about how to be safe online. There are other links below with further useful advice too.

We all loved our Night Explorers evening. Thank you everyone who helped and visited - especially Al, Cotty and Hazelnut from Al's Owls!

Happy New Year! We are very much looking forward to Term 3 and getting to know all our new Robins this term!

Ask us how we made Gruffalo Crumble. Can you make some more at home?

We love our Gruffalo Cave. Some of us read and write. Some of us rest. Some of us hide!

We have introduced our new Robins to Toast Cafe. We are all becoming very good at pouring milk from jugs and spreading using knives on our toast plus being helpful towards each other.

Boys just want to have fun...

Chinese New Year - the year of the Rabbit. We tried sweet and sour sauce with noodles and prawn crackers...most of us really enjoyed it. We all had a go at using chopsticks too.

We are settling into the new year and have new friends to get to know. We have been thinking about how to be kind to each other and how to play together and share toys.

We have made playdough this week!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a supersonic holiday and remember to have a good rest! With lots of love from Robins!

Thank you so much for all your Christmas wishes, beautiful cards and generous gifts. Have a lovely, peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

With love from the Robins Team x

The Sleepy Shepherd Nativity.

Challenge!! How many colours can your family eat?

Please read! We cannot emphasise how important monitoring screen time for all ages of children is...

We have loved playing in the snow, rescuing animals from ice and going on a slippery adventure to the church to visit the Christmas Tree Festival. Try to go - it is beautiful!

Secret out...The Gingerbread Man and friends are about!! Ask your child what happened when they visited!

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A second visit!!

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We had the MOST exciting lunchtime - ask us who we saw waving at us and where!

We made Jingle sticks today at forest school. Ask us what we used to make them. We also ate our snack there. We jingled all the way back to Nursery!

We performed Jingle Bells to the Hedgehogs using our jingle sticks.

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We have made some Gingerbread people. We helped Mrs Shaw measure out all the ingredients. Ask us what we needed to make such delicious treats.

As we are finishing our story 'Whatever Next' this week we thought it would be fun to have a picnic on the moon like Baby Bear did! We thought of what we would need and wrote shopping lists. Mrs Priddle and Mrs Shaw make the best star shaped toast!

Space Art!

We've all planted bulbs this week. We had a think about what bulbs need to make them grow. Have a look in our playground to see the names we thought for our plants and count how many plant pots we filled!

Thinking about special people and how they help us whilst making our poppies...

We went on an adventure to the school hall and played different games using our physical and counting skills!

We learnt about how people celebrate Diwali and made some diva lamps.


We've been into space this week with a special show from Spaceship Earth!

Creating our own Autumn trees and pretending to walk through the trees at Forest School

Communication and Language links and support...

We have had a wonderful first term together in Robins...

Today we went on an Autumn walk to the allotments. Thank you to Gerald for talking to us about how he grew the largest, most wonderful pumpkin ever! Ask us which other fruits and vegetables we saw.

After lunch we listen to music which makes us feel calm. Ask us what we think about when we are calm.


We are really looking forward to getting to know our new Robins this term and playing and learning together. Here are some photos of our first few days together...

Welcome to our wonderful school!