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Golden Eagles

Friday 23rd September 

Another busy week in Golden Eagles! Here are some of our highlights:


- Retelling the Wars of the Roses in topic lessons using a comic strip or playscript. 

- Creating battle freeze frames in English. We will use some of these ideas when we do our hot write next week.

- The grand opening of our calm corner. We worked collaboratively to create some rules.

- Applying our knowledge of rounding to solve problems. This really tested our resilience!


Here is an example below:

A and B are integers. 

A = 300,000 to the nearest 100,000

B = 300,000 to the nearest 10,000


What is the greatest possible value of A + B?

What is the smallest possible value of A + B?

What is the greatest possible value of A - B?

Friday 16th September

We have been very busy this week in Golden Eagles. We have been exploring different emotions and have started using our well-being check in. The calm corner is currently under construction but we are excited to see it unveil next week - first we need to create some rules around how to use this space.


English - using figurative language to describe a setting, such as similes, metaphors, personification and hyperbole. 

Maths - representing and partitioning numbers up to 1,000,000. 

Science - creating and describing different solutions 

Topic - locating the countries and oceans visited by Sir Francis Drake and mapping out his route


School council and Sports Captains

We were very impressed with the hard work that went into your video applications. A huge well done - we are so proud of you all.

School councillors: Megan, Rosey and Maddie.

Sports captains: Matilda, James Gr, Archie, Imogen, Lucas, Freddie, Otis and Freya.

8th September: We loved trying out the new Sunshine Gym!

Welcome to our wonderful school!