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Good Morning Fantastic Foxes and welcome to your last home learning update! laughyesheart


Thank you for working so hard over the last three months. Home learning in this way is something that none of us ever anticipated at the beginning of this year and you have all adapted brilliantly. As well as saying a big well done to yourselves, you also need to say a big well done to your parents for helping you along the way. Thank you to you all for your continued support.

How are you all feeling about transitioning to your new classes? Are you excited? I will try and see as many of you on the playground next week as possible to have a chat about next year. Your new teachers are very lucky to have you in their classes!



How have you got on with your activities this week? Use this time today to finish off anything you need to.

‘Wordles’ are a fun way of displaying different words in a word ‘cloud’. I would like you to think of some words to describe your time in Foxes class. You can then create a wordle! I have attached an example for you to look at. You can either use the website below or draw one by hand. It’s up to you!

Here are some key words that you might want to include in your own wordle:

  • Foxes
  • Fantastic
  • Recorder
  • Class Assembly
  • Rainforests
  • Brilliant
  • Fun
  • Ancient Egypt

Reading using your own reading book

To finish off our unit on letter writing, write a letter to the main character of the book telling them what the others think/feel about them. For example, if you were reading Harry Potter you might want to write a letter to Draco explaining that the other characters felt he was mean and cruel towards others and that he needs to change his behaviour!



Today we are finishing off our unit on fractions. I have attached two assessments that I would like you to try. I have also assigned you some more activities on Mathletics. Well done for working so hard on your maths everyone. It has been great to see so many of you engaging with Mathletics regularly and scoring higher each time. You are welcome to continue working your way through the Mathletics tasks next week.



Make a card to give to someone in your house who has been helping you with your learning. I’m sure they definitely deserve a nice treat! Be creative and imaginative. Make sure you have written a lovely message inside explaining how they have helped you and saying a big thank you.


Have a super weekend Foxes! I can’t wait to see you all again next week.


Miss Harman and Mrs Tappin x

Good Morning Foxes!

Here are your activities for today and tomorrow. This week continues to be about reflecting on recent months and your time in Foxes. Keep up the super work – you’re nearly at the end now!



How did you get on with writing a letter to your new teacher? Have you included all the things that you want them to know about you? Do you need to edit your letter? Editing and improving is a really important part of the writing process. Please edit today if you need to. You can bring your letter with you next week when you meet your teachers.


Wednesday: LO – To write to someone who you have missed in lockdown reflecting on what you have achieved.

Today I would like you to create a postcard for a friend or family member. Although communicating online is quick and easy, it is really lovely to receive some real post too. You could write all about your experiences over the last few months. Here are some ideas:

  • Your lockdown life and the things you got up to at home
  • Coming into school and seeing your friends again
  • A new skill or hobby you have taken up during lockdown
  • Home learning

Once you have written your postcard, you can draw a picture on the front too. Remember to write out the address to the person you are sending it to neatly and clearly so the postman can read it properly. I have attached a template that you can use and stick onto card, or you can make your own.


Thursday: LO: To create a montage (mixture of all the best bits!) poster of your time in Foxes class.

Think about your time in Foxes class. What has been your favourite memory of this year? What are your best bits? I would like you to create a ‘memories of the year’ poster full of all your Foxes highlights. Make sure you are writing in full sentences and spelling your words accurately too! Here are some of my favourite Foxes memories to get you started:

  • Our class assembly – you all remember your lines, spoke clearly and played the recorder beautifully!
  • The Christmas Carol concert when you all set a fantastic example to the younger children
  • Cricket lessons with Nick – you all improved so much over the course of 6 weeks and I often see you applying these skills to play cricket on the playground at break and lunch times

This can be laid out like a page in an information book with small pictures and captions of your achievements. It could be on the computer or by hand – it’s up to you! I would love to see pictures of these Foxes.


Reading using your own reading book

What book are you reading at the moment? Are you still enjoying it? It is so important to find some time each day and sit down and read for enjoyment. I love to sit and read at the end of the day to relax and wind down before I go to bed. When are you going to find time to read today? Pick a descriptive scene from the book and draw a picture of where the story is set as you imagine it to be from the description in the book.



How did you get on with your fractions activities? I have attached a PDF explaining how to order fractions in size order and an activity to complete too. You will need to use your knowledge of equivalent fractions to help you with this. It might be a good idea to have our equivalent fractions information open too for you to refer back to. Good Luck smiley



Picking up an ice cube

Using only a length of thread, can you pick up an ice cube?

Try different ways to use the thread to pick up the ice cube.

Why is it difficult to tie the thread in a loop around the ice cube and pick it up?

What happens when you put the salt on the ice cube?

Why do you think salt is used in winter on the roads?


Have a great few days and check here on Friday for your LAST home learning update Foxes!

Miss Harman and Mrs Tappin

Good Morning Foxes!

Welcome to your last week of home learning. Next week will be a transition week where you will be in school and have the opportunity to spend two days in your new classrooms meeting your new teachers, which is very exciting!

With this in mind, I wanted you to start thinking about transition and moving on to Year 4.



Monday – As you will be meeting your new teachers next week I would like you to think about what questions you would like to ask them. What do you want to know about your new class in September? You can write some of these questions down as they will be useful when you write your letter to your new teacher tomorrow.

Tuesday – Today you are going to write a letter to your new teacher. Remember to set out your letter correctly. You should include:

  • A paragraph about yourself, including hobbies and interests
  • A paragraph about your favourite subjects and why you like them
  • A paragraph about things you find tricky as this will be helpful for your new teacher
  • Finally, you could include a paragraph about what you are looking forward to next year


This week, I would like you to look over your spellings for this term and highlight any that you found tricky. Use some of the spelling activities that have been posted before and have a go at practising them.



This week we are going to recap fractions. We will start by looking at equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions are different fractions that have the same value. Although they look different and may have different numerators and denominators, they still represent the same part of a whole. Take a look at the PDF ‘Equivalent Fractions’ attached, then have a go at the activity attached. I have also assigned you some fraction tasks on Mathletics.



Have a go at designing your perfect classroom. What would you have in there? How would it be laid out? Would you have tables in groups or individual desks? Where will the whiteboard be? Will you have a carpet space? Is there a book corner? Do you have displays in your classroom?



As we can’t all be together to enjoy a Sports Day at school, have a go at setting up your own at home for you and your family! You can make up your own events or look at the attachment for ideas. Good luck!


Have a good few days Foxes. Check here again on Wednesday!

Miss Harman and Mrs Tappin

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Friday 3rd April 2020

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