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Well done Foxes!

Well done Foxes! 1
We are currently 35th in the country for Mathletics. What a fantastic achievement! Keep it up smiley

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning Foxes! It is the last day of term! laugh

First of all, a big Happy Birthday to Arthur today! 

Happy Birthday also to Freddie and Nathaniel who have their birthdays in the Easter holidays. I hope you all have a fantastic day! smiley

Well done for completing two weeks of home learning. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed everything, have a look today to see if there is anything you need to finish off. I have included a few more ideas for today but only if you need them!


English: LO – To edit and improve your Newspaper Report.
How have you got on with writing your Newspaper Reports? Look at the toolkit that I uploaded on Wednesday and see what features you have included. Ask an adult to look at your report and see if they agree. How could you improve it if you did it again? Can you practise reading your report out to someone in your house?


Spellings: How well have you learnt your spellings this week?
Ask an adult to check how you are doing at spelling the words. Can someone in your family make up some silly sentences with your spellings in? Have a go at writing the sentences down. How did you do with your spelling?


Reading using your own reading book
How have you got on with your reading book this week? Have you finished a book over the last two weeks? If not, choose a book that you have already read and enjoyed this year. Choose one of the tasks below to complete:

  • Write a book review for your chosen book. This is a brief summary of what has happened, favourite parts in the book, characters you like and why.
  • Create a different front cover for your book. What picture would you have on the front cover?


Well done for completing your activities on Mathletics and having a go at some problem solving. It’s been lovely to receive some messages from you as well! Remember to check your activities regularly so they don’t build up, and check the Explore tab for the problem solving. If your bar for a certain activity is orange or red, have another go. You should be aiming to achieve a weekly certificate on Mathletics. Let’s try and earn as many points as possible to stay on the leader board! I’ve also attached some Easter Egg maths problems if you fancy extra Easter maths.  


Extra Tasks
How about making an Easter card for someone in your family, or sending a card to an elderly relative? Maybe you could pop a letter in as well!


Have a lovely, relaxing Easter Foxes! I am so proud of you for adapting to this new way of school and trying your best at home. You can check for your next update on Monday 20th April. Make sure you don’t eat TOO many Easter Eggs! wink


Miss Harman and Mrs Tappin xx




Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning Foxes! laugh

I hope you’ve had a good few days and are beginning to settle into a routine that works for you and your family. If you haven’t finished all of the learning activities, please don’t worry. Try your best and go at a pace that suits you all.



Wednesday and Thursday: LO – To write your own newspaper article about an unusual event.

How are you getting on with planning your newspaper article? If you have finished your plan then you are ready to start writing! Have a look at the toolkit below. It is just like the ones we use at school. Remember to try and include as many of the features in your toolkit in your newspaper article.


Learning Objective

Pupil assessment

Teacher/Adult assessment

To include an introductory paragraph including the 5 w’s ( who, where, what, why, when)



To write in the third person



To include interesting quotes to add detail. Remembering accurate layout.



To include a picture and caption



To include factual and technical vocabulary.




You can either draw out the layout and design of your newspaper article or use a template provided to copy or print off.   Shark attack Prison break Bank robbery


Spellings: See week 6 spellings in your orange book.

Wednesday: Can you write a silly sentence for each of your words?

Thursday: Choose some words that you find tricky to spell. Write your words out using bubble or rainbow writing. Be creative!


Reading using your own reading book.

Wednesday: Read the next chapter in your book. Write a short summary of the pages you have just read, then read your summary out to an adult.

Thursday: Identify any words so far in your book that you are unsure of and use a dictionary to find out what these words mean.



Well done for completing your Mathletics activities! It’s good to see a few of you have tried the problem solving activities. Remember, you can message me on that section for advice. Keep checking for your next assigned tasks. Some of you have been given extra problem solving this week - make sure to check the Explore tab for this. You can also practise your times tables using Hit the Button.



LO – To design and make shadow puppets to perform a Roald Dahl poem.

How are you getting on with making your shadow puppets? I hope you are having fun and getting other people in the house to practise doing the voices with you!



LO – To identity different flowers and plants.

 Go outside and choose two different areas in your garden. It would be best to choose two areas which look quite different. Go around each area and count the number of flowers that you can spot. Use the Plant Identification Key (attached) to identify and name the different plants that you can spot. You can fill in the table (attached) as you go – you can either print out my example or create your own. Have you discovered some new plants? Does one area in your garden have more plants than the other area? Why do you think this is?


I’m sure this is enough to keep you going for the next few days. Remember to spend time outside being active too! Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. smiley


Keep trying your best Foxes.

Miss Harman and Mrs Tappin

Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning Foxes!

I hope you all had a super weekend with your family. It’s the last week of term – yippee! Here are your activities for the next few days. Remember, just complete as much as you can. Make sure to find time to do something you enjoy and spend time outside in the fresh air. smiley


English for Monday and Tuesday:

Monday: LO – To explain and understand the features and vocabulary in a Newspaper Report.

How well do you know the Porcupine newspaper article? Read through it again. Use the article to answer the reading comprehension questions attached. You can write down your answers in your orange books. Remember to read the questions carefully and answer in full sentences like we do in class.

Tuesday: LO – To plan your own newspaper article about an unusual event.

We know that stories and events only make it into the news if they are interesting for people to read. This often includes:

  • Tragedies
  • Big successes
  • Unusual events

During the rest of the week, I would like you to try and plan and compose your own newspaper article about an event. You could write about your own made up event, a real event, or another Roald Dahl Dirty Beast – it is up to you!

The first task is to plan your article. Use the attached templates to help you. If you need a bit of support for this, I have attached a partially completed one for you that you can finish (for the prison break animation) OR you can challenge yourself to plan from scratch using the blank plan. You can copy the table into your books or print it.   Shark attack Prison break Bank robbery


Spellings: Week 6 common exception words.

Monday: Look at the list of words in your book. Practise writing them out using the method we use at school – look/say/cover/write/check.

Tuesday: Writing race – set a timer for two minutes. How many times can you write each word out? Are they spelt correctly?


Reading using your own reading book.

Monday: Read the next chapter in your book. If you have finished the book; can you create a timeline including the five main events in the book? If you haven’t finished it; can you write a short prediction of how you think your book will end?

Tuesday: After reading your book, find 10 words that you are unsure of the meaning. Look at the whole sentence to help you work out what it might mean. If there are no words in your book that you do not know, perhaps the book you are reading is too easy? Remember to challenge yourself Foxes!


Topic/Art: To design and make shadow puppets to perform a Roald Dahl poem

Using some dark paper or card, draw and cut out some characters from The Porcupine (or one of the other poems from Dirty Beasts).  When you have cut out the shapes, you will need to attach some sticks to the back (maybe you could find some in your garden).  Use a light against a white wall to create a shadow puppet show, telling the poem or story with expression - maybe some of your family could join in too!

This short film shows simply how to create the creatures using shapes.

Maths: Keep going with your Mathletics activities. It’s great to see how many points you are earning! A special well done to those children who have had a go at the problem solving activity. Remember, you can send me a message when you have completed the problem solving questions, or if you just need a little help and advice.

Have your practised your recorder yet? Remember that your Charanga logins are stuck in the front of your orange books.

Try to keep fit and active – here is the link to exercise with Joe Wickes every morning at 9am


That’s all for Monday and Tuesday – check here on Wednesday morning for your next update. Keep trying your best Foxes smiley

Miss Harman and Mrs Tappin