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Welcome to Robins everyone!

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We are all looking forward to seeing you in September!

Summer holiday 2021

Welcome to Robins!

Look who visited us today! Zoo Lab!

Friday 5th March

Happy Friday Robins!

I’m so happy to say that today is the last day we’ll be apart!

We're all going to be back together next week in Robins! 

You have all been fantastic both at home and in the Nursery bubble and I want to thank you all for being so wonderful. For children so young, you are so clever – talking and joining in with lots of activities through a computer – and also so wise using computers so sensibly too!

Thank you also to all parents for being so positive, supportive and engaged so early in the morning!

Robins, we really hope you are looking forward to coming back or joining Nursery, we’re going to have lots of fun exploring all the toys both inside and outside.

Click here to remind yourself or learn about what inside and outside Robins looks like!

We have sent you a special message below too. 

Task 1

Choose an activity from the World Book Day grid to have a go at (attached below)

Task 2

Get messy and make a brown bear…see instructions below!

Task 3 

Watch Fern and Rory Teeny Tiny Creatures and learn some more about Butterflies!

Have a fabulous day today, a restful weekend because next week is going to be wonderful!!


Brown Bear activity

Special message for all Robins!

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? by Eric Carle

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If you would like a quiet five minutes to listen to a story here is a link for Robins and Hedgehogs to a YouTube upload of one of our favourite Eric Carle stories

Wednesday 3rd March


Good morning Robins,

I hope you’re enjoying World Book Day week so far. Have you read any stories in funny places? I wonder if you’ve enjoyed any new story books this week? Remember to have a guess at who our Masked Reader is today. I have sent you 'The Very Busy Spider' by Eric Carle - see below!

Task 1

Choose an activity from the World Book Day grid to have a go at (attached below)

Task 2

Thinking about Jerry Cat’s challenge this week, it is important to keep your body moving and healthy! Please can you choose one of the following activities to do to one of my favourite film songs I like to move it, move it!

Make up a dance

Design an obstacle course inside or outside.

Here are some further story time opportunities:-

Also, there is a live story telling workshop you might enjoy here on Thursday 10.30am

You might enjoy a story from Whipsnade Zoo too – Click here!

Remember - stay in your pyjamas and bring your favourite story book to our live session tomorrow!

Jerry Cat's weekly challenge

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

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Monday 1st March

Hooray's March!

In March we usually can spot lots of beautiful spring lambs…have you spotted any yet? We also see lots of daffodils and other spring flowers - have you seen any of these...Flower spotter ? Perhaps you will see some with your family on one of your walks this week.

Below, I have attached a calander with an activity to do every day in March...have a nose!  


In Phonics this week you’ll need some musical instruments to hand or some “make do” ones – anything you can beat, shake, jingle which makes noise – shakers (pasta in a pot), drums (wooden spoon and tub), bells (keys), cymbals (pan lids)!


On Thursday 4th March it is Word Book Day. This is a special day where everyone thinks about all the stories they’ve enjoyed reading or listening to. Attached below, I’ve sent you some stories that I love via the Foundation Book tasting powerpoint – you might enjoy finding about them or reading them too. I wonder, what is your favourite story and why? There are other book tastings too if your family want to look at them on other class pages. 


This week, Mrs Tanner or I will be sharing different stories this week. Most of the stories we share will be written by the author (an author is someone who writes story books) called Eric Carle. He wrote the The Hungry Caterpillar and lots of other brilliant stories too. We might also send you some of our favourite stories too, written by different authors. 

Task 1 - Choose an activity from the World Book Day grid to have a go at.

Task 2 - Have any of you had a go at drawing a caterpillar? Draw with Squiglet

Task 3 - Listen and do the actions to this Minibeast song 


As it is a special week for two reasons, World Book Day and our last week apart before you return into Nursery, we can have 2 dress up days!

On Pyjamas Day Thursday I’d like you to wear your pyjamas with your favourite story book – have a think about why it is your favourite story or what your favourite part is so that you can share it with all your Robin friends.

On Fancy Dress Friday we can celebrate our last week of being apart by having our final fancy dress Friday! Wear your favourite fancy dress outfit!

Have a really lovely day Robins! 

Book tasting - Early Years

World Book Day Grid - Robins and Hedgehogs

March - Together Again calendar

10 Little Rubber Ducks

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"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly" said the Sloth by Eric Carle

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Please see below for past home learning grids / activities / resources.

Friday 26th February 2021

Happy 4th birthday to one of our special Robins! 

Well done everyone online this morning – you are all very clever and colourful!

Task 1

Your first task today involves thinking about Jerry Cat’s challenge this week and our new book, The Hungry Caterpillar, plus you being happy, fit and healthy. I would like you to act out The Hungry Caterpillar. You will need a grown up to read the story whilst you pretend to be the caterpillar. I wonder what you might use to crawl through or over? What toys do you have that you could you use to help you tell the story? Do you have some pretend food? Could you send me a photo or video clip of you doing this – I would love to see it!

Have a think…

If you are the caterpillar, what shape would your body be to be inside the egg?

How does your body look now?

How will you eat through the food?

How big or little was the caterpillar when he first popped out of the egg? / How big or little was the caterpillar after he ate through all of the food?

Here are some ideas of movements you might make!


Task 2

Thinking about patterns this week, have a go at continuing the caterpillar patterns with some finger painting! (See sheet attached below)


Have fun and then fun in the sun this weekend!

Caterpillar pattern sheet

Dr Duck by Steve Smallman

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Wednesday 24nd February 2021

Hello Robins


Task 1

Today I would like you to have a go at making a Hungry Caterpillar necklace or bangle similar to this one...


I don’t mind what you use to do this but what I want you to work hard on is carefully threading your wool/strong because this is what makes your fingers strong!


Task 2

Have a look at Jerry Cat's challenge today. This term Jerry Cat wants us to think about what keeps us all healthy.

Please can you plan a healthy lunch for / with your family. Perhaps you could design a menu for your special lunch? Could you pretend to run a café or restaurant be the waiter or waitress. I would love to hear about what you have planned and eaten. What do you notice about healthy food?


Task 3

Have a sing along! Tiny caterpillar 


Also I saw this and thought of you all...



Have a lovely day Robins!

Jerry Cat's weekly challenge

Monday 22nd February 2021


Good morning Robins!


I hope you’ve had a wonderful half term with lots of fresh air, outdoor adventures and moments of rest!


This term we are going to be enjoying different activities around the story of The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (see below or click on link). I hope you like this story.

The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


Task 1

Today I would like you do listen to the story and draw your favourite part and tell someone why it is. They then can record what you say and do in your home learning books.

Task 2

Go outside and see if you can hear 5 or more different sounds. Now go back indoors and see if you can hear 5 more.

Can you make different sounds in different places? Do sounds sound different in the dark? How could you find out?


For Wednesday’s home activity, if possible, you will need:

Pasta (penne cylindrical shaped), wool/string, green paint, buttons/beads


This week’s 'Fancy Dress Friday' theme is colour!

Have a very happy day!

The Hungry Caterpillar

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Friday 12th February 2021

Xin Nian Kuai Le! (Chinese for "Happy New Year")

I hope you are all happy and smiling today. After today we are having a half term break for a week. I wonder what you will all get up to during next week? I am planning to make a huge den out of blankets and cushions, go on adventure walks, do some yoga and baking and make some pancakes! 


The most important thing for us all to do is to relax and think how well we have all done this term. Everyone has worked very hard to do their learning both at home and in Nursery. It has been a little different but I think we've all done wonderfully. I have attached a learning at home learning certificate that I would like you to print off and fill in - one for yourselves and one for the grown ups in your house because everyone has tried their best! Can you play teachers today and sign one for your grown ups at home!?


Have a look on the Robins' gallery to remind yourselves of some of the super work that you have achieved this term - WOW!


Also, today you might like to...

Task 1

Watch Let's Celebrate and learn about Chinese New Year


Task 2 (the tastiest task today!)

Today it is Chinese New Year. This is very special day for lots of people all over the world where they celebrate a new year. Over the next few days you might like to try some Chinese food – see recipes below to help. Noodles are good fun! We all love Chinese food. My favourite is vegetable Chow Mein with crispy seaweed, Mrs Priddle’s favourite is sweet and sour chicken and Mrs Shaw’s favourite is prawn crackers! What do you think of Chinese food?


Task 3

Have a go at a special colour by number Chinese New Year picture attached below.


Task 4

Have  a go at making a Chinese lantern.


Task 5

Look at the animal chart below and find out which animal you and your parents / siblings are? Ask an adult which year you were born in and draw your special Chinese New Year animal.


You might also want to...

Relax and stretch whilst doing yoga with Cracker the Dragon of Wonder

Have some fun in the outside and with ice (see ideas below)


Wishing all of you lovely Robins a lovely, peaceful half term.

Take care X


Wednesday 10th February

Hi Robins,

I hope you’re happy and smiling today. I’m still thinking of all your jokes – they are so funny! Keep thinking of some more for our Thursday and Friday sessions!

Today I would like you to watch the story about Smartie the Penguin and talk to a grown up at home about how to use computers or tablets sensibly and safely.

Also today, take a look at Jerry Cat’s weekly challenge he has sent you.

Then here are your tasks for today and tomorrow.

Task 1

Make a Valentines Day card for someone you love. Use scissors carefully to cut hearts out and stick them on your card. Remember to carry and hold your scissors "pointing down to your toes and not up your nose!”

Task 2

Have a go at cutting out a big heart, hole punch holes around the edge, find some wool/string and thread it through. 

Task 3

Make some delicious heart shape cookies Valentines biscuit recipe 

I can’t wait to see and hear all about what you choose to make.

Have fun today Robins X

Smartie the Penguin - Internet Safety Day

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Monday 8th February


Good Monday morning Robins.


Today I would like you to remind yourselves of what Stick Man is used for throughout the story, from a flag pole to a sword, to a pen to a boomerang. Does he enjoy being used for these things? Then read, or listen to, the story of Superworm. What is Superworm used for? Do he enjoy it? How do they both feel?


Superworm by Julia Donaldson


Task 1

Find the following (or similar) things in your house: a hairbrush, a skipping rope, a shoe, an umbrella, a tray, a tea towel (you might want to use other objects).

Pick up each object, one at a time, and think how you could use it for a different purpose. For example, a tray could be a sledge, a hair brush could be a microphone, a

skipping rope could be a belt, etc. I would love to hear your good ideas! I was thinking about how a garden fork could be used as a giant's comb! Can you imagine!


Task 2

Go outside and make a route for someone to follow using stick arrows. Where will you start and where will you end? Will there be treasure at the end? How long are your sticks? Are you using long or short sticks?



Have fun today Robins. 

Friday 5th February


Happy birthday to one of our special Robins!


Happy Friday Robins! Wow! Thank you for sharing with me what makes you feel happy this week! I have loved hearing your funny jokes! You have made me feel very happy!


Here is a joke for you - Why did the little boy throw butter out of his bedroom window? He wanted to see a butterfly!


You have had another message sent from another one of your favourite people at Nursery – have a look below to find out who it is! What is it that makes her happy? I wish I have dinner at her house!


Task 1

This week we have been measuring how long (the length) of our toys…today I want challenge you…how long are you or is someone in your house? Can you measure them using hand prints or foot prints? Or can you use something else?


Task 2

Also, this week in phonics we have been thinking about the sounds at the beginning of words such as our names. Today I would like you to make your own alien – you could do this using bits and bobs from your recycling, with Playdough or painting one outside! How long is your alien’s neck, or tongue, or arms or legs? Are they long or short? Once you have made your alien I would like you to make up a name for it or even better some sounds that your alien makes – all beginning with the same sound. Your alien’s name could be “Ping Pang” and he could say “pong, pan, pop, puppy”. The words you use can be real or made up (nonsense) words. It is up to you! Take a picture of your alien and pop it in your home learning books and or send us an email.


Have a go and most importantly, have fun!


This afternoon, relax by reading your favourite story book and then have a stretch with Cosmic Kids Yoga


Have a wonderful weekend...fingers crossed for more snow!

What makes me happy?

The Invisible String

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Wednesday 3rd February

I hope you’re all well today. It has been lovely hearing from some of you about what makes you happy. There is a message from one of your favourite people  below! 


Today I would like you to do lots of marvellous measuring.

Here are some important measuring words I would like you to use this week…

Long, short, tall, longer, shorter


Task 1

When you’re outside, please can you find two sticks that are different sizes – which one is longer (which goes further from end to end) and which one is shorter (doesn’t reach as far as the other)?

Can you find a long leaf and a short leaf? What about a tall tree and a short tree?


Task 2

Can you now go and find some more sticks and sort them out into short and long sticks. Some of you might want to put them into order - at one end put your shortest stick and then find one that is a little longer and one that is a little bit longer and so on!


Task 3

I have explained task 3 in my video below. You might choose to use some of the following items to help you measure: bricks/blocks, sticks, cans of beans, bottle tops, toilet rolls, pens, spoons, toy cars

How long (from one end to the other) one of your toys are? Here are some ideas of what you might measure:

Marshall pup, your bike, a truck or a crane, a princess, your pet (if it stays still for long enough!), a doll’s pram. Remember you can measure the length of anything so long as it stays still!


Challenge task

This is fun to do too. Whizz a car or push a ball along the floor and measure how far it travels. Who's travels the furthest? How can you measure – can you use your feet/steps or hands to measure? 


Safer Internet Day (yesterday) – information for parents -


Hungry Little Minds Family Day - Please share with your families 
National Literacy Trust and Hungry Little Minds will be hosting a Family Digital Day on Wednesday 3 February from 10:00 - 12:30.


How to attend:

  1. Download Zoom
  2. Enter the Meeting     ID: 960 4000 5586
  3. Sit back with your children and enjoy the morning!


Jerry Cat's weekly challenge...

As a family, come up with a goal to achieve at home and talk about how you can achieve it together.

Have a chat: What will happen if we don’t try and give up easily on everything? Explain that there are things we may not be good at and want to get better at. Can you think of some? Together think of some examples of things they could work at (in school or at home).


Have fun today Robins!


What makes me happy?

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Monday 1st February 2021


Good morning Robins!

I hope you are all happy and healthy today, ready for a lovely week ahead.  It’s the start of February today – hooray! I feel happy that it is February because in February it is my Grandma’s birthday so I enjoy writing her a birthday card and buying her a present. This year I have sent her some cakes and chocolates that she loves! Pancake Day is also in February – I always enjoy making pancakes and having lots of chocolate spread on mine! Another thing I love doing in February is looking for the first flowers of the year such as snowdrops and daffodils. Have you seen any yet?


Children’s Mental Health Week

I wonder - what makes you happy? I have shared with you what makes me happy - doing some silly dancing! Below is a list of ideas that you might do this week that make you happy – colour in the pictures as you do them – I hope these ideas make you happy. Also attached is a kindness chart that you and your family might want to use – being kind to each other makes everyone really happy. You could decide together what you could do each day that makes each other happy.


Monday's activity

As we’re thinking of what makes us happy, today I would like you to show me what makes you happy – you could draw me a picture and ask someone to write down what you want to tell me or make me a shot video or take a photo and email it to me. I know however you choose to do this, it will be brilliant!


National Storytelling Week

I hope you enjoy the funny story I've sent you today. It is one of my children's favourite stories - they like the fact the donkey is a little bit cheeky! Listen to it again and join in! What is your favourite story? Where do you like listening to stories? I would love you to send me a picture of you listening to or reading stories in funny places! 


Our number of the week is 5 – discover number 5 with the Numberblocks:


Attached is a nursery rhyme quiz for you family to do together. 


On Wednesday we are going to be doing some measuring so you will need some stick, leaves and items to measure with such as: bricks/blocks, milk bottle tops, old toilet rolls, pens, spoons - a collection of any items the same length. 


Fancy Dress Friday – this week I want you to either wear something that makes you happy or bring something to show me that makes you happy. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

Feeling happy!

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The Wonky Donkey

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Friday 28th January 

Happy Friday Robins!

I am so excited about our animal fancy dress themed musical extravaganza this morning! Bring you home made instruments and lets rock to Carnival of the Animals!

We might also make some more silly soup together - so bring your listening ears and rhyming sounds! Here are some ideas of what you might enjoy doing with your family today!

One Mole Digging a Hole

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Wednesday 27th January

Morning Robins! Today, we have chosen the seventh part of Carnival of the Animals called “Aquarium” have a listen.

Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens

Before todays activities, warm your bodies up with animal movements below!

Also, it's very cold at the moment - we made ice cakes (photos below) - can you make any? I would love to see them if so.

Have fun today!

Monday 25th January

Hello Robins!

This week is Music Week! All our activities are based around the piece of music called

Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens

Carnival of the Animals (Pinkfong Classics)

Have a listen!

 Please can you all email me a picture of one activity that you have enjoyed this week!

Monday musical activities

Friday 22nd January 2021


Bonjour Robins!

Those of you who I saw this morning all looked fantastic!

Task 1

Like Stick Man, The Snail and the Whale go on an adventure too. What do the snail and the whale see on their journey?

Please can you have a go at making a story map (or part of) of either Stick Man or The Snail and the Whale.

A mixture of children who have been in Robins key worker bubble have had made a brilliant story map of Stick Man – watch the video below to see. You can watch both stories here on BBC iPlayer too.

Stick Man

The Whale and the Snail

Task 2

Chill out before the weekend and have a well deserve stretch and relax whilst joining in with Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Trolls


Music week next week!

For our special music week next week, you will be given a choice of activities to choose from but for some of these you will need the following resources…only if you have them around - please don't go out especially to buy them…Pieces of pasta, paints, glue, shaving foam, cardboard roll (toilet / kitchen roll tube), bird seed, fat/lard, a foil dish, a collection of natural materials


Well done this week Robins – you are all fantastic. Now go and have a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Take care X

The Snail and the Whale

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Wednesday 20th January 2021

Hi Robins

How are you all feeling today? I hope you are happy and healthy!


Task 1

Today I would like you to do some super counting for me. I would like to know how many of the following you can find, see or hear…

cars / sticks / trees / birds / people / different sounds

To do this you could go on a walk or look out your window. To help you count carefully, I would like you to make a mark for every one thing you see. You could make counting marks using:

  • a stick in mud 
  • a pencil and paper
  • some chalk on stone

Once you have finished looking for all of these things, have a go at counting how many marks you have made for each object. Some of you could write the number next to your marks. Remember to double check you have made by touching your marks whilst you count. 


Some of you might want just fancy trying to mark make these patterns instead (see below). 


Task 2

Which shapes can you spot in Mister Maker…

Mister Maker

Watch the shape dance (4 minutes in - towards the end!) in Mister Maker at Home – Series 2: 4 Cat. What shapes can you see? Can you spot our shape of the week? A triangle? Can you dance like the shapes?


Task 3

Jerry Cat has sent you a new weekly challenge! Talk to someone about it. We would love to hear from you as well!


Task 4

Remind yourself how good you are at listening (wear those listening ears!) and play:

Welcome to the Zoo!


Have a great day Robins!

Monday 18th January 2021

Good Monday Morning Robins!

I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely weekend.

Today I would like you to think about Stick Man and his adventure that he ‘accidentally’ ended up going on during the story. Have you been on any adventures recently? You might have been on an exciting walk. You might be going on one today!

Yesterday I went on an adventure walk with my family. Our adventure started at a park where we had a good run around. Once we started walking, we climbed up a steep hill where it was extremely muddy! When we got to the top we pretended we were skiing and slid down. All three children fell over in the mud! We saw and heard a Red Kite fly over our heads. At the bottom of the hill we quietly wandered through a wood and over a bridge. We listened to the sound of the stream. To get back to the park we had to carefully cross a road. When we got home we washed our muddy hands and faces and then enjoyed a roast dinner! We were all very hungry!  I’ve had a go at showing you my walk in pictures for you to see.

I would love for you to show or tell us what happened on your adventure walk. You might prefer to make a journey stick to help you remember what you saw or found on your walk...or you could do both! Below is a photo of a journey stick and information to help you learn how to make one. Now go and enjoy yourselves!

Friday 15th January 2021

Happy Friday Robins!

Thank you to those who have already sent wonderful pictures to us of what you have been very busy with at home. We are so impressed with you! Thank you also to everyone who has joined the 'live' sessions - you brighten up our morning! Have a look at what we would like you to do today below and then have a lovely weekend and take care.

Each Peach Pear Plum

Still image for this video

Wednesday 13th January

Good morning Robins


Firstly today, I would like you to draw a picture of either your family or Stick Man’s family. Who is in your family – how many people is that? Who is in Stick Man’s family – how many stick people are there?


After this, using your sticks that you have collected, have a go at making a picture frame out of sticks. I’ve made a short video showing how I made mine to help you make yours. On the video I made a little mistake and only suggested to draw your family or friends but, like I said, drawing Stick Man’s family is fine too! I drew of my children but I accidentally forgot to draw myself and Mr Hanger - whoops! Once your frame is finished, I would love for you to email me a photo of it: 


You might also fancy having a dance today with Oti Mabuse: 


Finally, Jerry cat has sent you a message...take a look. 


Have fun Robins!

Stick Man picture frame

Still image for this video

Monday 11th January - Happy Birthday to one of our special Robins!

Friday 8th January 2021

Happy Friday Robins!

Please watch the uploaded story of Stick Man. I hope you enjoy it! Have you read it before? I love Stick Man’s family tree! I have also wanted to live in a treehouse! We are going to be focussing on the story of Stick Man by Julia Donaldson during the next few weeks.

Once you have listened to the story, please can you draw a picture of your favourite part of the story in your home learning book and tell someone about what you have drawn. They then can record what you say next to your picture.

Resources you might need next week are:

  • A collection of sticks! Can you count how many you can collect? (Don’t go mad!)
  • A selection of small things to count – ie Duplo, Lego, cars, pencils,   
  • Fancy dress for Fancy Dress Friday!

Have a super weekend Robins, take care.

Hi Robins!

Remember it is Fancy Dress Friday tomorrow!

See you there!

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Morning Robins!

Please can make a pair of listening ears? They can be ‘normal’ human ears or very funny ears so long as use can listen really well with them! Once you have done this – sit quietly and listen to the sounds around you. Go outside and see if you can hear different sounds out there!

Here is a picture to help give you an idea. Once you have made a pair of ears, cut a strip of paper to stick your ears onto and wrap them around your head! You could also attach them to a hair band! Bring them to Friday’s Zoom session to show them off and then you can tell me what you have heard!

Happy listening!

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Morning Robins!

We all hope you and your families are all happy and healthy and wish you all very Happy New Year.

It was lovely to see some of you earlier live on Zoom!

Today we would like you to watch Dr Ranj’s ‘Get Well Soon’ video on our webpage.

Once you have done this, please can you make a sign to remind everyone in your house to wash their hands! Where would be a sensible place to place it?

When you are next out for a walk, count how many signs you can see. Ask someone to tell you what they say.

Remember to sing our song as you wash your hands …maybe you could teach someone at home our song!

”wash, wash, wash your hands, wash them nice and clean, wash the front and then the back and all fingers inbetween” (sang to the tune of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’)

Have a lovely day.

Mrs Hanger, Mrs Priddle and Mrs Shaw

Look who visited Robins this week!

Still image for this video

Then the following day....

Still image for this video

They even visited Forest School!

Still image for this video

Run, run as fast as you can...the Robins are onto us!

Still image for this video

Home learning due to Covid-19 isolation


If your child is isolating at any point, please refer to the class' current home learning grids and spelling lists below for home learning tasks. In addition, your child should be sharing stories with an adult on a daily basis.

The Robins are ready for Christmas!

Inside Robins!

Welcome to the Robins Nursery - Virtual Tour

Nov 2020


Dear Parents,


Today we have watched a short video clip to talk about Poppy Day with the children in Robins and Hedgehogs. We only spoke very briefly to the children about the Wars, trying to take a very gentle age-appropriate look at this difficult subject. We explained that after the fighting was over poppies grew in the fields. We spoke about how we wear poppies today to remember those who fought in the Wars.

This is the link to the video we watched in case anyone wants to view it themselves or watch again at home.

Poppies and a few other small items are for sale for the next week if children wish to purchase something they need to bring their donation to school in a named envelope. 


Thank you.

Dear Robins

Welcome to a new year in the Robins Nursery.

It has been lovely getting to know you all during the past week. We are really excited about playing and learning alongside you!

Please find below our termly newsletter. We will add other useful documents to this page as we go along. 

Best wishes

Mrs Hanger, Mrs Priddle and Mrs Shaw 



Hello Robins!


We are really excited about meeting you all in September. 

We hope you enjoy some of the activities listed in the grid attached below.

Have a wonderful summer with your family.


Have fun and take care,


Mrs Hanger, Mrs Priddle and Mrs Shaw

The Road to School!

Welcome to our wonderful school!