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2023 - 2024


Chair: Clem

Secretary: Lucas

Year 5: Olivia

Year 4: Niamh

Year 3: Katie

Year 2: Anna

Year 1: Phoebe


150th Anniversary

We are so proud of the school council who presented to 80 guests, including staff and governors, past and present, at our anniversary tea party.  

The children spoke clearly about the things they like about our school including, brilliant friendships, kind teachers and playtimes!

On Friday 24th May, we started the day with a whole school assembly where Mrs Vaughan, a former WPS headteacher, spoke to the school about her experiences on the previous school site.

All classes came dressed up as pupils from the decades, they enjoyed party food and explored the number 150!  

Thank you to the school council for organising such a wonderful day. 


School Council collected donations for the local food bank on Christmas Jumper Day 2023 - well done all!

Message from the foodbank December 2023:


Just a note to thank your amazing pupils for the Foodbank donations to help those in our local community who needed a bit of support over Christmas


I picked up the food and took it to the Wallingford Food bank, who I contact when I have a request for extra help with a food bank delivery.   Most of the food will be coming back to our community as deliveries are made here every week.  The food bank were thrilled with your contribution along with the contribution from our Church. 


They said, and I agree, what an amazing school!

October 2023

School Council Update from Clem (Chair) and Lucas (Secretary) 

Our first event that we have organized was a non- school uniform day to raise money for My Vision Oxfordshire which is a charity that raises funds for people who are blind or have visual impairments. We were visited by two of the charity’s representatives called Devante and Nathan, who bought their lovely guide dogs called Mac and Maisie. They spoke to us about what guide dogs do, how to look after our eyes and also about the sports they can do. It was so interesting and a good reminder than you can still do lots even if your vision impaired or you are blind. 

 The whole school had the chance to stroke Mac and Maisie as we left assembly. We are so proud to have raised almost £140 for MyVision Oxfordshire. Thank you to all those families who donated! 


School Council Presentation

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Our School Council Action Plan - Reviewed November 2022

Planting a tree in memory of Queen Elizabeth II

School Council decorating the school Christmas tree at St. Leonard's Church

School Council Minutes 2022-23

Our plan for the King's Coronation!

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