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Friday 3rd April 2020


A message for Parents

Maths: We are aware that some children are finding that they are flying through the tasks they have been assigned on Mathletics and so we are addressing this issue.

If you would like to extend your child’s maths home learning please visit the link below. It does mean more screen time, so we hope that that works for you. We will also be including some investigations once or twice a week. 

Reading: You can listen to different stories by clicking on this link


Hello Dear Owls,

We expect you are very excited because it is the Easter holidays as from Saturday!!!! We are going to be really kind to you all and let you off your home learning for the whole two weeks!! All we ask is that you are kind to your family and that you have a wonderful relaxing break together.

We want to thank you for the massive effort and enthusiasm that you have all been putting into your home learning over the past two weeks, you are all ‘Stars of the Day’ in our eyes.

We also want to thank your families for coping so well with your new routine; they too are doing a fabulous job, so please give them a big hug and tell them thank you from us.

Keep well and safe, eat lots of chocolate (Well - not too much) and remember to share! We miss you loads.


*****    Birthday Time   *****

Wednesday 15th April : Wishing you a great day on your birthday  Freddie Cl.

Thursday 16th April: Wishing you a fabulous day on your birthday Lee.


All our love Miss Gardner, Mrs Wiltshire and Mrs Garrod



How will you persuade someone to come to your island? Look at different adverts with a grown up and think about how the advert draws your attention. To help you with this task, see the document ‘Persuasive Writing in Advertisements’ (When you have completed your writing you can create an advert or a poster to advertise your island)


  • A title
  • An introduction
  • Sub headings
  • Fun facts.
  • A closing statement



Please always try to think about the mathematical skills you are using and applying to work out the answers to your all your maths tasks.

  • Investigation: Triangles
  • Investigation: Addition and Subtraction
  • Mathletics: Try to complete the tasks you have been assigned.



Please continue to read every day. Discuss the characters, what you like/do not like about them.



Create a picture of a prehistoric scene, dinosaur, footprint or fossil using items found outside and in nature at home.

If you can please draw or take a picture of what you create and put it in your home learning book. (A small photo will be fine)

Easter Break Activties Ideas

See the document ‘Easter Information’ to find out why we celebrate Easter.

  • Make an Easter card/write a letter for someone in your home and/or to send to someone.
  • Draw your own egg/Easter picture.
  • Make an Easter nest outside.
  • Create an Easter trail with lots of clues to take you to the next clue and egg.
  • Find out about how Easter is celebrated around the world.



Wednesday 1st April 2020


Hello Dear Little Owls,


Today you are half way through the week! Have you noticed todays date!!! It’s April Fools ’ Day!

Have you told any jokes or played any tricks on your family yet? If you are planning on doing so, you are going to you have to do it before 12 o’clock! Ask your family if any of them have ever fallen for an April fools’ joke or trick! Have a fun day!

It is much cooler outside this week, but if you wrap up warmly you can still get lots of fresh air outside.



Proof read the description of your island which you wrote earlier this week.

  • Read through the work you completed on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Check your work and see if you have added full stops, commas, exclamation marks.
  • Find two or more of your favourite sentences. Improve your sentences by adding more detail.

For example: The wind blew the beautiful, large green leaves.

                        The cool wind gently blew the elegant, large pointed/ spiky/rounded leaves on the tall       willowy trees.



Adding the ending ‘-y’ to words ending in ‘-e’ with a consonant before it. Following this rule, spell the following words correctly in your book. The first one has been done for you

Shine - shiny

Shine, scare, stone, smoke, bone, shake, gentle, slime

Now put these words into descriptive sentences in your book. (They could be sentences describing something on a dinosaur island!)



Good to see how you are applying your mathematical skills to the tasks you have been completing on Mathletics.

Continue with your Mathletics activities today.

A maths dice investigation is attached as an extra task, should you complete your Mathletics. Have fun.



Find out about different volcanoes.  How are they made?  You could create your own poster showing how they work, Wow fact poster, dinosaur art or even a real eruption!

Use the links below to help you find out information:



Log-in to Charanga and learn a song of your choice.

Monday 30th March 2020: English and Science


Morning Owls,


We hope you have had a great weekend and that you have had a good rest from your home learning.


We hope that you and your family have had a chance to find out what works and what does not work in your daily learning routine. Remember that, every day may be different, but we are sure you will be amazing and do your best in everything you do.        


Don’t forget, this is a new way of working for your entire household, so give it time to settle.

Love Mrs Wiltshire, Miss Gardner and Mrs Garrod.



Your tasks for the next few days are as follows and as always, have fun!



Design and draw your dinosaur island in your book.


Write about your island and remember to:

  • Use your senses to help you to describe your island:

      Smell - flowers, flowers, fruit, smoke, sea.

      See - trees, leaves, rocks, flowers, sky, volcano,  

      Hear - birds, dinosaurs, volcano, sea, leaves, wind, breeze

      Touch - leaves, bark, rocks, sand, flowers

      Taste – fruit, fish, salty water,

  • Include powerful adjectives.
  • Include similes and expanded noun phrases.


Create a picture in the readers head! You are all really good at doing that!



YR 2

Healthy Living: Your science task for this week.

  • You need to do at least 60 minutes of activity every day.
  • Read the document - Science Exercise – why we need to exercise (Ask an adult to read it with you if you need to) 
  • Read the document - Science Exercise – 60 min grid
  • Draw your own grid to show the activities that would help you to achieve your 60 minutes a day of exercise. You can include the activities on the grid or just use your own exercise ideas. Have fun!



Please continue with your wonderful Mathletics. We can tell you are putting lots of effort into all the tasks set for you.


Maths extra     Apologies as put wrong link on earlier!!!

This is a game that you can play as a family or on your own, should you wish for a little something extra to do.

Please do not feel you have to play it!!!

We suggest that you play it with tens and ones to begin with and then progress to hundreds tens and ones but only if you found it easy with tens and ones. Show all your working out as it might help you with your calculations.