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Monday 6th July 2020


Message to Parents

Dear All,

It was so lovely to see you last week, we know we only saw our ‘Bubble’ parents and children, but it was still good to see some of you briefly.

We would like to say, yet again, what a wonderful job you have done with your little poppets, as they were pretty amazing last week and we saw the evidence of all the hard work that you have been doing with them all this time. We know the home learning has had its ups and downs,  at times, but really, whatever you have been doing it has paid off !!!!!!! Your children are incredible and a credit to you all. Thank you. Have a fantastic week. xxx


Morning Dear Owls,

We really enjoyed seeing you last week; it was great seeing your lovely smiling faces. You settled in really well to the new look in the classroom and you followed all the new routines brilliantly, so well done! We hope that you all really enjoyed your return to school as much as we did.

In class this week, it will be your chance to shine again, with your fantastic imagination and creative thinking, as you will be writing your very own story with a similar story pattern to that of ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’. We are sure that you will be able to surprise us all with your fantastic ideas and writing skills. For those that are unable to attend school, please write your story at home and then send us a copy of your wonderful work. Many thanks.


This week will be your final week in school as an 'Owl', so we hope to make it as enjoyable as we can. This is also your final week of home learning, so please make a very special effort with this weeks activities. You have been pretty incredible so far, with all your work and we could see that last week, when you were in class, as we were very impressed with your work. WELL DONE, you should all be very proud of all the effort you have put into everything you have achieved.

For the days that you are not in class, please continue to use the home learning grid for your weeks activities.

Mathletics: This week you will have Mathletics tasks set on Monday and Friday only.


We have two holiday birthdays which we feel we would like to mention now

Happy birthday wishes in advance to:

Maddie on the 22nd August and to Otis on the 24th August.

Make sure you both have a super day!

Have a marvellous week everyone.

All our love Miss Gardner, Mrs Wiltshire and Mrs Garrod


Monday 6th July 2020

Monday 29th June 2020


Message to Parents

Dear All,

We are really looking forward to seeing you all this week too, but we would like to apologise in advance, if we do not chat for too long, as we will need to ensure that the children are OK, especially on their first day back.

As you know, the class room will be different for the children, as their tables will be in rows and they will have their own trays with all that they need to carry out any activities. Apart from these two things, the classroom has remained more or less the same. The excitement of seeing each other will outweigh what the classroom looks like!!!! Playtimes will be in zoned areas, but all will be explained when we see the children.

We know we keep saying it, but we want to thank you for everything and we are so delighted to be

able to have an opportunity to do so in person.



Good Morning Happy Little Owls,

Welcome back all our wonderful little Owls! It will be like old times seeing you again.

heartWe are terribly excited!!!!!!!!!!!heart

For the days that you are not in school and for those that are unable to come into school, please see the home learning grid of activities for you to complete throughout the week.

Have a fantastic week everyone and as always, do the very best you can with all your activities and be kind to others and to yourself.

Mathletics: This week you will have Mathletics tasks set on Monday and Friday only.

All our love Miss Gardner, Mrs Wiltshire and Mrs Garrod


Monday 29th June 2020

Friday 26th June 2020


Good Morning Outstanding Owls,

It is Friday and you have completed another great week of home learning, so you will be even more prepared for your return to school next week. Well done all of you.

laughHow are you feeling about returning to school?laugh

Exxxxxxxcited we hope.

heartWe are really looking forward to seeing you on Monday, as we have missed your happy, smiling faces.heart

As many of you are returning to school, for the next two weeks, your home learning will look a little different, as it will be a weekly home learning grid for the next two weeks. The grid will be on your class page every Monday morning, so you will still need to check your class page every Monday. Please feel free to add your own extra activities/ideas to the grid, as they help develop your learning even more.

We have two more birthdays this week.

Today it is James C birthday - 26th June and it is George’s birthday on Saturday - 27th June

smileyWe wish you both a super 7th birthday and hope you have a wonderful day.smiley

All our love Miss Gardner, Mrs Wiltshire and Mrs Garrod



Today you are going to be learning about how you can use your own thoughts to make comments about a story.  A comment is when you have an opinion about a story, music, art and so on. (You have done this before about other texts, you were all very good at doing it)

An opinion is your thoughts, it does not have to be right or wrong, but you should always try to back up your opinions with evidence. This proves why you have formed your own opinion.

Having opinions is part of growing up and thinking more deeply about things.

So today you need to think more deeply about the story about the Bad Tempered Ladybird. You need to:

  • Think about the story and the meaning behind it.
  • Think about the words, the language, descriptive writing used in the story
  • Think about the characters.
  • Think about the illustrations.

What do you like and dislike about them? What is your opinion about them?


  • To make a sensible comment on your likes and dislikes of the text. See: English – Likes and Dislikes grid.
  • To have your own opinion about the text.
  • To give reasons for your likes and dislikes using because . . . , so that you can include evidence from the text.

For example; I like the friendly ladybird because she always seems kind and says the right things. She is polite because at the beginning of the story she says ‘Good morning’. She is kind and thoughtful because at end of the story she ……….


Maths: See: Sports Day Challenge Cards


Please check that you have completed all your assigned tasks on Mathletics.

Please also check the explore section on Mathletics.



The Bad Tempered Ladybird.

  • Write a book review for the story.
  • If you could meet the author Eric Carle what would you ask him?
  • What other books did Eric Carle write? 
  • Compare the other stories Eric Carle wrote to The Bad Tempered Ladybird. What is similar and what is different?


Wellbeing/Art: Mindfulness

Create some ‘wild art’.  Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who uses natural materials to produce much of his artwork.

See: Wellbeing – Art – Goldsworthy Information

Challenge: Create/design your own mindfulness ‘Goldsworthy’ drawing.


P.E: Sports Day

Today would have been our School ‘Sports Day’, but as you know, we will not be able to hold it this year.

SO - why not hold your own ‘Home Sports Day’ in your garden this weekend! You could make bunting and certificates for it too!

See: PE - Home Sports day Information            PE - Home sports day task cards

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