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Bats Class Page 2022-23


Welcome to our 2022-23 Bats class page. 

Here you will find important information about our learning this year, as well as regular updates about what we have been doing each week.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or catch me at the classroom door if you have any questions.

Week 2 and 3


We have had a busy few weeks of term. 

In week 2 we were very lucky to watch the panto of Sleeping Beauty at school, as well as having a special Cricket lesson on Tuesday.

We started to learn our new story for this term, 'Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs'; the children have come up with so many wonderful actions to help us remember the words. Ask them to show you at home and I will send the words out in home learning books along with our story map.

In PE we started our gymnastics lessons, with Lucy being my expert helper!

Last week in Maths we are learning our teen numbers and identifying them on a number line. In English the children really impressed me with their likes and dislikes of the story 'Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs', including asking really insightful questions to find out more information.

We met our buddies on Friday and they listened to us read. Bats were so happy to spend some time with them again after the Christmas break. 

Week 1

Happy new year to you all and welcome back to school. I hope you all had a lovely, restful and fun  Christmas with your families. A very big thank you from both myself and Mrs Heycock for all of our amazing Christmas presents and cards; you were very generous and they were very much appreciated. Thank you.

Our new topic this term is Dinosaurs, and we have already had a fun day introducing 'Dinosaurs' into our classroom, with our own real life dinosaur visiting our classroom. He left footprints and a nest with some eggs in, so we are now responsible for caring for two baby dinosaurs over the next few weeks. Wish us luck!

Our PE days continue to be Monday and Friday, although I chose to give the children some time to 'play' with the dinosaurs and emerge themselves in our new topic this afternoon, rather than do PE today.

We have finished off our Maths topic on shape this week, with some lovely practical Maths this afternoon, and we have introduced our new RE and Jigsaw topics.

I just wanted to explain a little about the Phonics reading books that are now coming home. We are sending one book home that has the sounds in that we are learning or recapping in class that week, and then a second book which is more accurately linked to your child's reading level. Please read the Phonics sounds book with your child and ask them to recognise and point out the sounds, reading the words together if necessary. A little tip is to read each sentence 3 times, something I am encouraging them to do in class; first time to sound out the words, second time to read in full with no expression, and then the third time to read with a lot of expression to model to your child how to make reading sound more exciting and engaging. 

We will change these books each week on a Tuesday so that they are linked to the Phonics sounds of the week, and will continue to change the other book when we read with each child at some point during that week. I hope that all makes sense.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to our first full week back next week to immerse ourselves in all things Dinosaurs!

Week 7


We have had the BEST week in Bats and it has been so Christmassy and exciting for us all.

The children loved performing in the church on Wednesday and I was super proud of them for being so brave. The children have enjoyed creating lots of Christmas makes, which they will bring home next week, and they made Christmas party hats for their Christmas dinner on Wednesday, where a special visitor surprised them. 

We have designed and made our own royal Christmassy puppets this week. I was so impressed with how quickly the children learnt to sew.

The highlight of our week has been our trip to Windsor Castle, where the children behaved absolutely impeccably for the entire day. The children were very privileged to be allowed to watch the changing of the guards from a special viewing place, as well as standing in front of the marching band to have their photo taken with all of the guards. The workshop we took part in 'Meeting the Monarch' was absolutely amazing and the children got to dress up and take part in ceremonies and activities that our King would have done. We even fast forwarded to next year and Hector, our King Charles, had his coronation in front of our eyes. We visited St Georges chapel, and the children were all very respectful with regards to Queen Elizabeth II's burial place, and we got to view lots of special rooms within the castle itself. 

We have ended our week today with some practical shape work in Maths (even building a 3D shaped castle), some more Christmassy crafts and some 'golden time' as well as singing our favourite Christmas song in assembly to you all. 


Christmas Carol Concert


We have reduced the words to 'Little Donkey' for Wednesday's performance at the church. Please could you practice these 3 verses ONLY with your child. Thank you so much.


Little Donkey


Little donkey
Little donkey
On a dusty road
Got to keep on plodding onwards
With your precious load


Ring out those bells tonight
Follow that star tonight


Little donkey
Little donkey
Had a heavy day
Little donkey
Carry Mary
Safely on her way

Weeks 5 and 6


It has been a busy few weeks in Bats class. 

In English we have finished writing our diary entries and have now begun to learn how to write a letter. We were very excited to read a letter from Santa that was delivered by our Elf on the Shelf, Flake. Santa said he was so impressed with how well we had been behaving for Mrs Eltham and Mrs Heycock and we were all on the nice list! 


In Maths we have been recapping our addition and subtraction unit and in Science we did some fun experiments to test the properties of different materials.


We were very excited to see Santa fly over this week in an RAF helicopter and to hear from our class school councillor, Max, about how he helped to decorated our school Christmas tree in the church with our handmade decorations. Make sure you go and have a look in the church.


We have been practicing our song, Little Donkey, which we will perform to you all at the Church service next week. I have sent home the words in home learning books this weekend, so if you please have any free time to practice the song with your child I would be most grateful. 


We have been changing the way we send home Phonics books this week. Every child will have the same level Phonics book sent home with a slip in their reading diary that identifies the sounds we have been learning that week. Please can you share the book with your child and ask them to identify these sounds as you read together. The other book that comes home should more closely reflect your child's reading level and should be read more independently. Please do ask if there are any questions with regards to this. 

Week 4


We have been doing Maths quizzes this week but have continued to practice our subtraction sentences through practical activities. 

In English we finished our plans for our own version of the diary entry from the Queen on the day she lost her hat.

In PE we had great fun being star constellations in space and moving around the hall in different shapes, as well as performing a 'star dance' to our friends, who were a great audience.

In Science we discussed the properties of different materials, having a lot of fun feeling objects in a feely bag and describing them to our class for them to guess. 

We made swans this week to add to our joint Windsor Castle display with Year 2. We had to practice our cutting skills to create our handprint feathers. 

Week 3


It was lovely to 'finally' catch up with you all via Zoom this week and chat about the progress your lovely children are all making. We have continued with addition in Maths this week, ending the week introducing subtraction to them. We will have lots more practice with this new concept this week, so ask your children what they have learnt.

In English we finished up learning how to write a wonderful diary entry, so this coming week the children will be independently writing their own diary recount.

The children enjoyed doing Bee Bots with Mr Gale for a bonus hour this week as well as having a great day with Mrs Heycock on Monday doing PE and Music.

The children really impressed me with their acrostic PUDSEY poems on 'Children in Need Day', as well their thoughtful reasons why the day is so important. Did you see their lovely Pudsey drawings with their writing on that they brought home on Friday? We also enjoyed watching some of our Year 6 buddies perform their class assembly on Friday afternoon.


Week 2


Another week has flown by, and we have had great fun here in Bats class. Mrs Heycock is now teaching Bats on a Monday and they had a fun PE lesson learning how to balance, as well as starting our new class reading book, 'The Snow Queen'. 

In Maths we have continued our unit on addition and have introduced the term 'number bonds'. Ask your children if they can tell you the number bonds to 10. Any practice on these this week at home will be really beneficial for them so they become quicker at adding numbers together, rather than using fingers to work it out. 

In English we have continued learning how to write fantastic diary entries and to add amazing adjectives, verbs and nouns to our sentences to make them sound fantastic. Ask your child for another word that means nice.

Today we held a short KS1 assembly about Remembrance Day and I was so incredibly proud of how respectful and sensible the children were when we held a 2-minute silence at 11am.

This afternoon we met our Year 6 buddies, and they showed us how to start using our new school iPads. We had a lot of fun doing some Maths games as well as drawing some art on them.




Week 1


We have had a wonderful first week back and the lovely Bats have made me feel very welcome after my week off poorly, as well as welcoming our lovely new boy, Rufus.

This week we have begun to learn about addition in Maths and the children have wowed me with their knowledge when writing number sentences and remembering the part part whole model from the end of last term. 

In English we dug up a diary that belonged to the Queen and read about her exciting and tiring day when she had to chase her lost hat around London all day. Our new book this term is 'The Queens Hat' and we will be writing diary entries based on this story. The children have already written a wonderful diary entry based on their favourite day of half term. Trick or treating featured a lot!

In Science we introduced our new topic of 'Materials' and went on a materials hunt around our classroom and the playground. The children are very knowledgeable about this unit and definitely taught be a new 'material' or two.

With great excitement the children returned to our classroom to find our pirate ship had set sail and, in its place, we had a castle with a banquet hall and throne, to encourage role play in our new topic of Kings and Queens. We started the topic by asking the children to think of some rules that we should have in our county, and you will be pleased to hear that "brushing our teeth every day" featured more than once!

Week 6/7


The last two weeks of term flew by and thanking the lovely Mrs Heycock for holding the fort while I was poorly at home. 

A quick round up of what we did at the end of last term:

- Made windsocks with Mr Gale

- Tasted some apple crumble using the produce we picked on Outdoor Learning Day

- Finished our pirate stories

- Made pirate hats

- Used bee bots to travel round a treasure map

- Performed our Harvest assembly to our parents showcasing our Harvest Van Gogh pictures



Week 5


Parents evening slips have gone home this week with a confirmed appointment time.

The children have enjoyed making windsocks with Mr Gale in Science this week and are looking forward to trying them out outside. 

In Maths we have begun to compare numbers and groups of objects, using our 'crocodile' signs greater than, less than and equal to. Ask the children about the crocodile song and which number (greater or smallest) he 'chomps'!

In English we have begun to create our own versions of 'The Night Pirates' story, where the children have changed key points of the story to make it unique to them. I am looking forward to the children finishing these stories off next week and then we can share some of them with you. In the meantime, have a watch of the video of the children reciting the story of The Night Pirates with our actions that we created as a class. I could not be prouder of each and every one of them for joining in so well with this recital.

The end of the week brought Outdoor Learning Day and it was a joy to see all children flourish in an outdoor environment, which really helped them to bring their learning to life. We started with some outdoor Phonics and followed on with some Maths using conkers and pinecones to compare and represent numbers. The children then had their first visit to Forest School this year and they had the best time building a den/ship for the pirates, as well as swinging and cooking some 'treats' for myself and Mrs Heycock. 

Carrying on with our autumn theme, the children used conkers and pinecones to create some spectacular and rather messy art (sorry about the paint covered clothes the children came home in!), and then went on to create their own self portrait masterpiece using natural materials. I was truly inspired by the children's brilliant ideas to model hair, bodies and features using leaves and other objects that they found themselves outside. 

We ended the day with our much looked forward to buddy time; where our Bats collected apples from the paddock with the help of their taller Year 6 buddies to reach the higher ones on the tree. We will be trying some apple crumble next week, as a result of our hard work collecting the apples. 

Week 4


We have had an exciting week in Bats class, with the highlights being our visit from a police officer, talking about how they keep people safe, as well as a visit from our lovely parents, which the children were so excited about. 

In Maths we took our learning outside to practice our backwards counting as well as finding one less than a given number. The children loved running around outside to find objects to represent the numbers.

In English we have been concentrating on adjectives, and using these describing words to make our writing about 'The Night Pirates' story more interesting. I have been amazed by some of the words the children use to describe the moon, the sea and the (all important) treasure chest. 

We visited our Key Stage 1 library again this week and were excited to see two display boards that we had done art for with our Year 6 buddies.

In Art the children relished in creating a self portrait using collage materials. When asked why an artist might use collage to create their self-portrait, one wonderful answer was "because they can't decide what colour to use so they use them all!"

The children tried some yoga this week as well, which we found really helped us to calm down and settle back into our learning after our lunch break. 

I have been asked by a few parents how they can help their children at home with phonics. A good resource to help you and the children learn the correct pronunciation of the sounds is Mr Thorne Does Phonics on YouTube. He does simple videos where he simply says the phonics sounds in the order that we learn them at school. I hope this helps!

Week 3


Another week has flown by in Bats class. We have remembered and celebrated Queen Elizabeth II this week by using water colours to paint our Queen portraits, as well as working with our Year 6 buddies to write messages and memories in our very special keep sake book about Queen Elizabeth II.

We have had more fun painting in our Science lesson with Mr Gale this week, creating some wonderful trees to show all of the 4 seasons. 

In English we have continued to learn our story 'The Night Pirates' with some very creative and fun actions made up by the children. Ask them to show you at home!

In Maths we have learnt to count in a sequence from any number as well as writing our numbers as words. The children really enjoy using the Maths resources to demonstrate their understanding to me.

I was really impressed with the home learning work the children have been busy with this week. On Friday they really enjoyed showing off their work to their classmates and talked about their work with such passion.


Week 2


The children had their first day with Mr Gale this week and he introduced our topic in Science this term, Seasons, as well as reading a really fun Pirate story. 

In English the children have been writing their own recount of what might have happened when some nasty pirates stole our class treasure over night. We were shocked by how messy they had left our classroom, and the children enjoyed finding clues outside to lead us to the treasure. 

I have introduced the children to our first text of the term 'The Night Pirates' and we have begun to learn this story by heart. Please look out for a copy of the story and story map in t4he Home Learning books that your children can use at home to continue practicing this story. 

In Maths we have had a lot of practical fun sorting objects and counting these objects. I am so impressed by how confident the children are with their numbers already. 

In Art we held a gallery viewing to appreciate some famous artists' self-portraits, with a view of creating our own self-portraits by the end of this term.

In PE we had so much fun exploring our new 'Sunshine Gym' and we all felt very strong after using it! Today we have learnt an Irish Dancing jig and performed our routines in front of our class mates.

We ended our week with a fun afternoon with our Year 6 buddies, creating some personalised art work for our KS1 Library display.

Week 1


We had a wonderful first week back at school and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of your wonderful children. We spent the week exploring our new classroom and routines as well as introducing our topic of the term, Pirates! As you can imagine the children were very excited about our first topic and didn't hesitate at telling me all that they knew already about pirates. We ended the week by making our own pirate ship for our role play area, as well as meeting our Year 6 buddies, who will spend time with us every Friday afternoon this year.

Welcome to our wonderful school!