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Friday 15th January 2021


Morning Hedgehogs - we have made it to Friday! Well done!! I hope you have a fun end to the week with the activities here. I would like to get ahead in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Elsie, who turns 5 on Sunday. I hope you have a wonderful and special day.


Phonics is on Zoom at 9.00 as usual - it was great to see so many of you yesterday, I look forward to teaching you our new phoneme: qu. After the lesson please try the following: 

1. Write the words: quiz, quit, quick and quack.

2. Try writing a sentence with a 'qu' word in it, here is mine..... The duck can quack quickly.


Maths is to watch the video below and to follow that up by having a go at the suggested activities on the video. Check you can count up to 10 in 2's then if you want a challenge try to keep counting in jumps of 2 - up to 20, 30..... see how far you can go.



Today I am asking you to have a go at making a Gruffalo forest setting and Gruffalo characters to help your learn the story. By playing with the characters in a story setting you will be acting out and re-telling parts of the story and that will help you learn it off by heart. Usually at school as part of our ‘Talk4Write’ we make a story or text map to help us learn to tell the story without the book, so this will work in the same way but you can do it at home.


Watch a video of the story ( mine is on the page from last week and so is the link to YouTube) or have a look at the book if you have a copy at home.


1.Make lolly stick puppets by printing the Gruffalo characters from my resources or drawing your own.

2.Make your own theatre using things you can find at home, an old empty shoe box, a cereal box, an empty mini suitcase, a lid from a cardboard box or anything else you can imagine into a theatre!

3. Use your theatre and lolly stick puppets to re-tell the story of The Gruffalo.

4. When you have finished don’t forget to ask a grown up to send me a photo of your finished projects – it may not be today as this could be a big job!


Please don’t buy anything special for this, use what you can find at home, if you don’t have lolly sticks, a stick from outside will do, or even strips of stiff card. Or you could adapt the puppet into a finger puppet instead!

Maths lesson

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Thursday 14th January 2021


Morning Hedgehogs - hope you are all feeling happy this morning and not too prickly! 


Phonics this morning live on Zoom at the usual time - I look forward to seeing you all there. It is a double today..... 'zz'. Try these activities after the lesson:

1. Write the words - buzz, fizz, jazz and dizzy.

2. Put one or some of the words into a sentence. Here is mine: I am feeling dizzy.


Maths today is to watch the lesson on my video, try the activities I suggest and then have a go at the following:


1. Find things at home that come in 2's, socks are great for this. You will need 5 pairs of socks (gloves or shoes will work too.... can you think of anything else?). Collect your socks and line them up in 2's, then practise counting them in 2's. You will say: "2,4,6,8,10".

2. Leave your sock collection somewhere easy to find, you could string them up on a washing line if it's safe to do that, like we do at school when we count things in class sometimes. Keep coming back to your socks (did I say they should be clean?!) and keep counting them. Chant "2,4,6,8,10" until you know these numbers off by heart.

3. Keep practising counting in 2's by making other collections of 2 things and grouping them in pairs to count them. As a final challenge you could start with a jumble of things (you will need at least 10) and then try moving them 2 at a time and counting them in 2's.

Lesson 1 Count in 2's

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Wednesday 13th January 2021


Morning Hedgehogs!


I hope you had a good day yesterday, it is great that you are all getting the hang of the Zoom lesson now - I am really impressed at how you can all manage, well done. Today I am teaching Phonics on Zoom at 9.00 and we are learning letter 'z'. After the lesson try the activities here:


1. Write the words zip, zap, zig-zag.

2.  Write a sentence about a zebra, here is mine..... The zebra is big.


Maths today is to keep practising writing and ordering numbers to 20.  Look at the sheet I have added below and then either cut out the numbers and put them in the right order or write your own small number cards (you could ask a grown up to help with this) and put those in the right order in your book. In case the sheet can't be accessed on all devices it is simply numbers 1-10 in order, followed by spaces for the numbers 11-20 and then a set of number cards to cut out with 11-20 on. It aims to teach children to order 11-20. You can do this without the sheet if you have any issues.


Our Topic lesson each Wednesday is always a Jigsaw lesson which focuses on wellbeing and personal, social and emotional understanding. I have added this below. Please look at the lesson and try to talk about it with your child. The cat in the picture is Jerry, who sometimes joins us for Jigsaw.

Tuesday 12th January 2021


Morning Hedgehogs, I hope you got on well with yesterday's learning. Let's hope the internet works today so we can see each other on Zoom! 


Phonics (fingers crossed) at 9.00 as normal, we are learning letter 'y'. I have added a letter formation sheet to support parents in knowing how we add lead ins (and lead outs) to letters, it isn't perfect but I hope it goes some way to show how children start to form cursive letter shapes. Don't worry if your child can only 'print' the letter shapes as they are probably just not ready yet to begin cursive, keep practising and it will come.

Please look at the Powerpoint I have put up and then try these activities:

1. Write the words...... yum, yes, yap, yet.... and then try to put ONE in a sentence. Try to put your sounds into a phoneme frame to help you break up the word to hear each sound in the right order.






2. Write more sentences with the 'y' words in. Here is mine..... The dog can yap.


Maths today is to have some fun writing numbers. Hopefully you had a look at the Powerpoint on how to write numerals 0 to 9 and had a go at writing them. Today I want you to find different places and ways to make your mark - this could get messy so please check with a grown up at home first! Here are some things to try.


1. Write numbers in things you can find around the house – cornflour, flour, shaving foam, bubble bath, washing up liquid, yogurt or ketchup work well. You need a tray or a flat surface (like a work surface) to spread out your flour / ketchup or whatever you are allowed to use. You won't need much flour and can keep re-using it but the liquids ( like ketchup) do get used up more quickly.

2. Use a stick to write in mud in your garden or make mud paint by mixing mud and water and using it to paint on the path / paving slabs or even some leftover cardboard. 

3. Make a giant number track with numbers 0-20, you could use post it notes stuck to a track, make a track from paper or cardboard or make a number stick using an empty cardboard tube (the ones left over from Christmas paper are great). You could use a stick from the garden and tie numbers on with wool or string. Make sure they are in the right order. 

One Bear Lost

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Monday 11th January 2021


Morning Hedgehogs!


Firstly and most importantly we have some birthdays to celebrate in our class this week!!! smiley

I would like to wish a great big Happy Birthday to Dylan (who turned 5 yesterday) and to Cainan, who is 5 today I believe! I hope you can celebrate with your families in style and have the best time, eating cake and opening cards and presents. 


Our learning today begins with our live Phonics lesson; we are learning letter X today. I will hopefully see you all there, I will not be locking the room so please try to join at (or a couple of minutes before) 9 but if you are running late you will still be able to join us. The Powerpoint slides are shared below as usual in case you miss the live teach. Please try these activities after the lesson.

  1. Write the words: fox, box, mix, six, exit.
  2. Write a sentence with these words in, here is mine:

The fox sat in a red box.


Our Maths today is a focus on writing numerals. I have made a Powerpoint on how we form our numbers, which teaches a rhyme for each one. At the beginning is a warm up to get your hands, fingers and arms moving before you start - feel free to make this active warm-up a bit longer if you need a bit more of a wriggle!  It is usually writing 2, 3 and 5 that cause the most trouble! Please watch the Powerpoint and then do the following tasks at home. There are 3 tasks to choose from so pick the one that is right for you.

Task 1 is a 'getting started' job, quite simple if you have already written lots of numbers but tricky if number writing is a bit newer for you, it's a good one for 'getting started' on number writing.

Task 2 Is a bit more difficult and a good choice if you are confident with writing 0-9 but get stuck on two-digit numbers.

Task 3 is for those of you who have been writing numbers for a little while now and are up for something a bit more challenging. How far can you go? Parents I would stop once your child can no longer tell you which number they have written. They need to be able to say which number is which, this last task means they understand a bit about place value, e.g. that in 12, the 1 stands for one 'ten' and the 2 for two little 'ones'.


 1. Write numbers 0-10 in your home learning book, in your neatest handwriting. Check you are holding your pencil correctly.

 2. Write numbers 0-15 in your home learning book.

 3. Write numbers 0-20…. and beyond!



Listen to the story I have put up on our page of The Gruffalo or follow this link:

After you have watched and heard the story please do these activities. Everyone must do 1 and 2. Try 3 as a challenge.

  1. Make a list of the characters in the story, perhaps you could draw each one in your book or print a picture of each one and cut it out to stick in your book?
  2. Describe the characters in the story to a grown up at home. What sort of character is the mouse, what about the fox, the snake, the owl and the Gruffalo? Think about the best words to describe each character. Are they silly, funny, clever, kind, sneaky, scary, brave, cunning, friendly, cheeky….. what do you think?

   3. Underneath each picture of the characters please label them with the name of that character. Sound out each word carefully, using you phonics to help you.



How to Write Numbers 0-9 + Phonics

Friday 8th January 2021


Morning Hedgehogs!


Phonics will be live via Zoom at 9.00 and we are learning letter w today. I will see you there. After the lesson try these activities: 

1. Write the words in this list, using your best handwriting.... but don't copy from here. Ask a grown up to read the word you are writing and you sound it out.









2. If you would like more of a challenge then try thinking of a sentence to put one or two words in and write that. Here is my sentence: My wig is wet.

I have added our Phonics mats with the Powerpoint for today.  These have the phonemes on for a visual reminder, these help children when they sound out words to spell. Sometimes children can hear the sound but can't remember the letter (e.g. v / w ) or phoneme shape (e.g. ch / ar ). Under RESOURCES at bottom of class page are more phonics mats that may be useful.



I have some more estimating for you to try today. Open the document below to find 4 pictures of items you can estimate.

Look at each picture and have a good guess at how many there are. This ‘good guess’ is your estimate. Write down your estimate in your home learning book. Do the same for each picture – you have to do the first 2 and you can do all 4 if you feel full of Friday energy!

Next go back and count how many in each picture. Now write down that number in your home learning book.

Finally practise writing your numbers from 0-20 in your book. Work on any you can’t do neatly yet, leave the ones you are already good at. Try to make sure they are the right way round. We will be practising writing numbers more next week.

Estimating objects

Topic: So…. Did you guess the book…. Which story is it?

The first clue was about the Gruffalo (he left the giant footprints) and the next clue was a pile of nuts, nibbled and left on my desk by the Mouse…. And the story is….. well watch the video and you’ll soon see….

The Gruffalo

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Thursday 7th January 2020


Morning Hedgehogs!


I look forward to seeing you all again on Zoom for Phonics at 9.00. It was great to see so many faces yesterday. I was deliberately slow to lock the 'Zoom room' yesterday to allow everyone to take part. Gradually I will need to tighten up on that so we are all ready to start promptly at 9.00 and finish at 9.15 to allow siblings in Oak class to be able to start their lesson on time. It is helpful if you can be waiting to start just before 9 so I can let everyone into the Zoom lesson together at 9.00 - I know it's an early start but we are lucky to get cracking and then be able to take the rest of the day at our own pace!

Please have a look today at the Oxford Owl sight (link below). It explains what we teach in Reception and supports parents in understanding how we learn to read with phonics. There are live e-books and an audio guide on how we say each of the letter sounds (phonemes). The e-books are being well used at the moment so you may need to be patient while the site sorts out the high demand! Oxford Owl also has games, guidance and activities for Maths too.


Maths today is to complete your Mathletics tasks and check you have done yesterday's task on estimation too.


Topic: Have you guessed what our new topic is going to be yet? Last day to have a guess as tomorrow I will reveal the answer with the end of the day story - what might it be?


I have added a story for the end of the day today. Settle down somewhere comfortable and enjoy....... I wonder why I chose a book called 'Zoom'?!


Story Time

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Wednesday 6th January 2021


Morning Hedgehogs!


Thank you to all the children who joined me on Zoom yesterday morning, I promise I will try to get slicker as the weeks go by! Parents please encourage children to sit independently to access their learning this way, once they are set up and ready to go please don't feel you have to stay. Hopefully we will all get the hang of it soon!


Phonics will be delivered via Zoom today at 9.00 - see you there! Please remember to bring along any things you found beginning with a 'j' sound. I have found some too which I will share. I have put up the Powerpoint on the 'v' sound that we will look at together tomorrow in case any of you are keen and want to look at that today, before I share it with you tomorrow.


Maths today is estimating. The lesson can be accessed below. Please continue with your Mathletics too. If you cannot find your login you can email me for a reminder!


Have any of you guessed what the new topic will be yet, I will give you another clue.... it is based around a book lots of you will know. Did you all see the clues I found yesterday?

This is your next clue..... what is it? Who left it? What do you think it means? Does it help you to guess what our topic is this term? It might help you to know it is a clue about a character in the story. Keep thinking.... what could it be? If you think you know perhaps you could draw a picture of the book or a character from the book you think I have chosen.

Clue number 2!

Digging in the mud! The children built a hill and dug a muddy moat. The mud is "squelchy" and "you'll get stuck" according to our key worker children.


Good Morning Hedgehogs! 


Welcome back to you all and Happy New Year. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your families. I am looking forward to seeing all your friendly faces again, even though it won't be in the classroom I'm afraid! I have lots of fun activities planned for this term, although I don't want to tell you the new topic yet but I will send a clue this afternoon.... so watch out for that!


This morning I will be teaching a Phonics lesson at 9.00 until 9.15 so I hope you are up, bright eyed and bushy tailed! The Phonics will be at the same time every morning and I will take the register at the beginning and give you all a wave.


Your Maths learning is ready for you on Mathletics, please login as normal and look at the tasks I have set for you to try. You do not need to do them all today....... have a go at one today and then try a new one tomorrow. I will put extra Maths games and activities on this page too. I am trying to re-send Mathletics logins to children who don't have theirs, this will be via email. Bear with me!


Here is the link to the 'washing hands' clip I mentioned this morning on Zoom. Please keep washing your hands all through the day.


Hedgehogs! I have some BIG news...... I went outside today and this is what I found..... what do you think? Open the document underneath to find a clue.



Open to find secret clue!

Phonics Week 1 (j)


Please see below for past home learning grids / activities / resources.

The Postman's Snowy Day

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Home Learning Grid

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