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Friday 5th March


Morning Hedgehogs - I am so happy that I will be able to say that to all of you in person from next week! Last day of home learning (fingers crossed) for a while. I hope you enjoyed a good book yesterday. Have a look in the gallery to see a few friends reading a book... in some interesting places.


Our last Zoom for the week is at 9.00 as usual, we will have time to chat about coming back to school. Maybe try and think of one thing you are looking forward to and if there is one thing that is worrying you we could talk about those things too.


Maths is to watch the video and have a go at making 20 in different ways, by splitting 20 into 2 groups. The video explains how to do this. You can use the sheet or record your maths in your book.


I have uploaded a video onto YouTube for all the Robins and Hedgehogs to watch. This is the link if you need a quiet story this afternoon.


Also, relax and click here to learn more about ladybirds with Fern and Rory!


Finally, please have a look at the powerpoint below about coming back to school. Don't forget it is a change, not a completely new place or new people, as most things haven't changed, but any change can be tricky. Lots of good early nights needed for us all before Monday morning I think! If Mummy or Daddy say it is bedtime...... please listen and start getting to bed on time again ready for school. Mummies and Daddies do know best! 


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Thursday 4th March


Morning Hedgehogs! How are you all doing? I hope you have enjoyed the Masked Readers... I thought they were pretty hard to guess so far, how about you? Today is World Book Day. I wonder if you will dress up as we sometimes do or just stay in your pjays? I hope you have found a fun task or two on our World Book Day grid this week, I have loved seeing your photos of what you have been getting up to - thank you Willow for your fab reading den!


Phonics today is on Zoom as usual at 9.00 - see you there! The powerpoint below will be used in the lesson today and tomorrow for our revision.


Maths today is to watch the video lesson and then try the taking away problems on the sheet below. You don't have to print the sheet, you could copy the sums into your book.


Topic today is to have a fresh look at the WBD grid. Don't forget to look at Mrs Hanger's Book tasting too. Enjoy!



Taking away on a number track

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Wednesday 3rd March


Morning Hedgehogs! Hope you enjoyed the new Masked Reader yesterday.... did you guess who it was?


No live teach at 9.00 today. Please continue with your Phonics from this week, keep practising your tricky words and of course read a book! Plenty of phonics to be found in reading and we are leading up to World Book Day after all!


Maths today is to keep gong with taking away. I have added two new sheets for you to work on, so you need to choose the right level for you. The first is taking away from 10 and the second is taking away from 20, you can choose one but do feel free to complete both if you wish. There are new activities added to Mathletics, including taking away games so please try those.


Topic on Wednesdays is to follow Jerry Cat's activity as usual; please see below. Mrs Hanger has recorded a new Eric Carle book for today, so please take some time to sit somewhere comfortable and enjoy another story.

Jerry Cat Jigsaw Task

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

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Morning all! I am so sorry about my internet connection this morning. I think it was a warning that the laptop I am using was making some very strange noises this morning as I set up! Thanks so much for your patience. I am back in school Thursday and Friday so hopefully I will be able to teach properly and see and speak to you all! A heads up it is an option to come to 'school' wearing pyjamas on Thursday for World Book Day - so if you are all still snuggly in your p-jays and dressing gowns we will not be telling you to hurry up and get dressed. Embrace a chilled out vibe and curl up and enjoy some books on Thursday.

Look forward to seeing you all then.

Mrs Tanner.

Tuesday 2nd March 


Morning Hedgehogs.... did you guess who was behind the mask.... who is the Monday Masked Reader?

Why not try Mrs Hanger's book tasting today? Have a look below to see what I mean.


Phonics today is revision of Phase 2 with some short words and sentences to write.... see you on Zoom at 9.00 for more information. Watch the powerpoint below and then try the task:


Write a sentence (or two) which have a word from the powerpoint. The words are copied here for you:


cat, dog, hat, man, pin, leg, bus, sock, bell, tap, sun, kit, sad, rag, net, hiss, mug, puff, fin and rock.


If you would like a challenge (do this instead of the first task) why not try to finish my story with a sentence or two of your own?

A mermaid sat on a ragged rock and she was sad. She needed a friend. In the sea she saw a fin and wondered what it could be. The sun shone and she watched the fin move about. Suddenly…….


Maths today is to try out some taking away using a number line, just as you did last week for adding. Think about it though.... always start with the biggest number when you do a take away and make sure your answer is smaller than that first number. So if you are taking a smaller number away from 10 the answer will never be bigger than 10 because you have taken some away! Use some real objects you can count to practise, that will really help.


Here's our next Eric Carle story for Robins and Hedgehogs, we hope you like it.... it is called 10 Little Rubber Ducks.

10 Little Rubber Ducks

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Monday 1st March


Morning Hedgehogs and welcome to our World Book Day / Week! Lovely Mrs Hanger has recorded our first of this week's Eric Carle stories, can you guess which animal it is about?


Our activities this week are all linked and lead up to World Book Day on Thursday. Please take a look at the grid of activities below and choose something you would like to do each day.


Our Phonics will continue as usual on Zoom at 9.00. We are going over our phonemes from Phase 2 and then Phase 3. You choose if you will do Phase 2 or 3. You don't need to do both. This is revision work and is going on all week. Please decide if you are doing Phonics revision or a World Book Day task today. I don't think you need to do both.


Use the Phase 2 or 3 phoneme mat to check which ones you know / don't know.

OR watch CBeebies clips on Phase 2 or BBC Bitesize phase 3 to find out which sounds you need to go over.


Task: Recap on sounds with CBeebies / BBC Bitesize using the links below. The videos are very short and only feature one phoneme at a time so you will need to watch a few, to help you go over sounds you still need to learn.

Choose 3-5 sounds that you still need to learn. Then write 3-5 words with those sounds in you most need to practise.

Challenge: Can you write 8 words?

Phase 2

Phase 3


Maths today is to continue to explore addition and to try some subtraction (taking away) too. Please play one of the games on Topmarks (see link below). 

"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly" said the Sloth

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World Book Day Grid

Friday 26th February


Morning Hedgehogs! A belated Happy Birthday to Willow, I hope you had an awesome day yesterday and had a special lockdown celebration.


Last bit of learning for this week.... nearly there!


Phonics today is on Zoom as usual and we are learning the 'oi' phoneme in words like coin, soil, boiling, and join. After the Zoom lesson try to write that 'oi' phoneme with lovely lead ins and lead outs - I know you are getting very good at that. How many words can you write with that phoneme? Can you put those words in a sentence?


Maths today is to have a Mathletics catch up day if you still have some tasks to finish. Please try this link to some sun Topmarks games too. The one here is a ladybird game but there are plenty of others to explore.


As we come to the end of another week I felt it was time for an easy feel to our Topic today. Put your feet up, find somewhere cosy and listen to another ladybird story (and a favourite of mine) What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. You can click on the other link below to hear Julia Donaldson sing the story too. The activity pack below gives some ideas for extra work to explore, perhaps you could try making a story map? You know how to do this now as you have made a Gruffalo story map last term.


Thursday 25th February


Morning Hedgehogs! Keep going with your learning, not long now and we will all be back together at school. I have been speaking to lots of Mums and Dads who have told me how hard you are all working which makes me feel really proud!


Our Phonics is at 9.00 (but you knew that!) and is the 'er' phoneme in words like, runner, term, ladder and letter. After the Zoom lesson try to write that 'er' phoneme with lovely lead ins and lead outs - I know you are getting very good at that, then write some words with that phoneme. 


Maths today is to find out a little more about doubling numbers. Use the sheet below to have a play with doubling and see how far you can go. To double a number you add it to itself, so 1+1, 2+2 and so on. I'm sure you can challenge yourself to explore some bigger numbers than that though - how far can you go? What is the biggest number you can double?

If you have not been on Mathletics recently please make sure you have done at least one activity on there today too.


Our Topic work today is all about ladybirds, just like the one in our Eric Carle story. Watch the video (made by children like you) to explain the lifecycle of a ladybird and then try these activities. You have a choice of three tasks, you only need to choose one. They are as follows:


  1. Draw a ladybird.
  2. Draw and label a ladybird, you could use words like wing, body, head and spots.
  3. Draw a picture to show the lifecycle of a ladybird. You will need to draw a ladybird, eggs, larvae and pupa.

Wednesday 24th February


Morning Hedgehogs!


No live teaching on Zoom today as you know so I have planned a bit of Phonics catch up session today using either a Phase 2 or 3 Powerpoint from Twinkl. There are a lot more of these if you wish to explore the sight. I have chosen two simple ones to help children go over their learning so far.

Choose the right Powerpoint for you, it will be Phase 2 or Phase 3 depending on how far along you are now with your Phonics.  

Watch the Powerpoint, saying each sound as it appears. “See It / Say It!”.

Then get a grown up to write down a few you find hard to remember. We are trying to see the sound and say it – quite quickly!

Keep these phonemes handy to keep looking at today, keep practising… “See It / Say It!” The more you practise the quicker you will be. Then when you see the phonemes in books you will know them straightaway.

Please note the Phase 3 Powerpoint contains phonemes I haven’t covered yet, mainly trigraphs (igh / ear etc.) you can skip these if you like.


Maths today is as follows:

Today I would like you to use the number track to count forwards or 'count on' to solve addition problems. You will need to print the addition sheet to be able to write out the addition sums. If you can’t print then just choose numbers to write down in addition sums in your book. Please use a number track to solve the addition problems. I explain this on the video.


Topic on Wednesday means joining Jerry the Cat for a Jigsaw lesson, please see below.



Adding on a number track

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Tuesday 23rd February


Morning Hedgehogs, I hope you enjoyed the story yesterday. 


I will see you for Phonics as usual at 9.00 when we will learn the short 'oo' sound. After the lesson have a go at writing some words with this sound (book, shook, cook, look). Can you make up a sentence with these words or some others which have the 'oo' digraph?


In Maths today I would like you to keep trying to tell the time using a clock at home. Can you get a grown up to tell you each time the clock says it is something o'clock? If you keep looking at where the hands on the clock are pointing at o'clock you will soon be able to tell the time to the hour! I have a sheet for you to try below, if you are feeling keen. Look at the sheet, then add a picture of each animal the ladybird met at each time given. As a challenge you could draw on the hands of each clock to show the time.


In Topic I would like you to listen to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, read by Eric Carle, the link is below. Do you have the story at home? Have you heard it before? Can you read the book yourself? Do you like it or not? What do you think is good about the story? Is there something you would change?


Term 4  - Monday 22nd February 


Morning Hedgehogs! I do hope each and every one of you had a wonderful half term break and got some much needed rest. I am ready for a new term and a new topic, how about you?


So our new topic is led by our Talk4Write text this term which is The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle. We will be learning all about Eric Carle and reading some of his other books too.


I am looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom at 9.00 where we can catch up and chat about your half term break. I have made a short powerpoint about our author to share, just to get us started.


The Bad Tempered Ladybird is written by one of my all-time favourite authors, Eric Carle. I have been reading his books since I was your age! Do you know any other books by Eric Carle? I bet you have already read one!

Have a look at his website to find out some more.

If you want to take a look at how he makes his beautiful pictures in his famous books you can have a sneaky peak here:

Eric Carle picture writer


Please start today's learning by listening to a reading of the story by following the link.


Maths today is inspired by the book. We are going to try to learn to tell the time to one hour, using a clock. Try to look at a clock at home at different times of the day and ask a grown up to help you to tell the time. Listen to the story and look out for the different times of the day in the book. Can you see the clock in the book? Have a look at home for a clock like the one in the book. This is called an analogue clock. Can you read all the numbers on the clock? Can you learn to tell the time on a clock like this? Try the worksheet below if you would like an extra challenge.

"Wow!" said the Owl

Still image for this video
How many 'ow' sounds can you find in this story. Can you spot any other sounds we have learnt?

Room on the Broom

Still image for this video
See how many 'oo' words you can find in this book.

Winnie Under the Sea

Still image for this video

Ways of Making 5

Still image for this video

How Many Legs?

Still image for this video

Maths lesson

Still image for this video

Lesson 1 Count in 2's

Still image for this video

One Bear Lost

Still image for this video

The Gruffalo

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Story Time

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Please see below for past home learning grids / activities / resources.

The Postman's Snowy Day

Digging in the mud! The children built a hill and dug a muddy moat. The mud is "squelchy" and "you'll get stuck" according to our key worker children.

New Parents Meeting

Home Learning Grid

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