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Friday 3rd April 2020

Good Morning Red Kites laugh It’s the last day of term – you made it! Well done for completing 2 weeks of home learning - I'm very proud of you all. Next week is the Easter holidays so I will not set any home learning. I still expect you to be reading where possible and you can log on to Mathletics whenever you like. Check the school website on Monday 20th April for another update. I hope you and your families are okay – I’m missing you all.


Happy birthday Lydia for the 7th – have a wonderful day.

Happy birthday to Alfie for the 8th – I know you were looking forward to Berlin, but I’m sure you will have lots of fun at home.

Perhaps you could both plan a special day with your families: dress up in your favourite outfit, design a delicious dinner menu, make your own birthday cake, play some games outside, have a disco with your favourite tunes and watch a movie.


MATHS: Wahoooo, Red Kites were 46th in the whole of the UK!! Congratulations! Swallows are the ones to beat… They are 21st. You can see these results in the 'Hall of Fame'. Make sure you have finished all of the activities you have been assigned, then you can ‘Play’ some of the games against other children.


READING: After reading for 20mins, think about impression the author wants the reader to have of the characters.

There are some free audio books here:


SPELLING: Test yourself on the spellings you have been focussing on this week.


ENGLISH: Edit and up-level.

TASK: edit and up-level your NCR. Check that you have included all the features.

OPTIONAL: publish your NCR. You could do this on publisher or by hand.


MUSIC: Try some of the music lessons the Mr Brinkley has set you.  


PE: How have you been getting on with exercise? I have been doing a combination of runs, walks and workouts from social media. Get creative! Try and be active every day – include your whole household if possible!



  • Get baking – chocolate nests are delicious and quite straight forward to make.
  • Make an Easter card for someone.
  • Write a letter to friend or family member. There’s nothing better than receiving a hand written letter!
  • Write a diary – I have attached an example. I know how much you all love to doodle and thought you might like the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ style. However, don’t feel like you have to print it out – just use it as inspiration.
  • Have a go at the whole school Easter challenge – more information on this to follow.

Brass - Why not try some of these tasks on Yumu?

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good Morning Red Kites smiley


I hope you have had a good start to the week so far. Pinch, punch, first day of the month! Don’t get up to too much mischief today with it being April Fools’!


If you get a chance, have a look at the video I posted on the blog. Spreading positivity!


MATHS: Well done to those of you that have won awards so far this week. Some excellent scores on your tasks! Remember to look at the problem solving as well as the assigned tasks. Have a go at some of the ‘geometry’ problem solving tasks I have assigned you in the explore section.


READING: After reading your book, have a think about what techniques the author has used to keep you engaged?


SPELLING: Practise your spellings from two rules that you have identified as areas to revisit from Term 4. Create a poster explaining the rule.


ENGLISH: I hope you got on well with creating your new creature for your non-chronological report (NCR). Does you introduction give an overview of the animal? How have you hooked the reader? Don’t forget to try and expand your sentences; you could use some of the ideas from the Alan Peat document.


TASK 1: Now write another 2 or 3 paragraphs. Use the model text (Werewolves) or the Jabberwock NCR to guide you. Remember, you can magpie and twist if you are struggling.





Write 2 paragraphs from the following headings:

  • Habitat
  • Diet
  • Enemies
  • Magical powers/special features

Write 3 paragraphs using headings of your choice


List 3 fascinating facts

Write 3 or more paragraphs using your own headings. Challenge yourself – can you include the history/science behind the animal?

Can you be inventive with your sentence structure and move away from the model?


TASK 2: Write a brief conclusion and draw a detailed illustration.


TOPIC: Volcanoes

Look at this map of the world (attached).


Each triangle represents an active volcano. The majority are located along where the tectonic plates meet (‘fault lines’). There are a few volcanoes not along major fault lines, but these are mainly undersea volcanoes. How do you think living near one of these volcanoes would affect people’s lives?


TASK: Research the world’s most dangerous active volcanoes and create an information leaflet all about it.

Some suggested volcanoes:

Yellowstone Caldera, USA

Mount Vesuvius, Italy

Popocatepetl, Mexico

Sakurajima, Japan

Galeras, Columbia


EXTENSION: See if you can find out about the ‘Ring of Fire’


Did you know that the Hobbit movie was mainly filmed on location in New Zealand? New Zealand has active volcanoes on it – see if you can find out about them.

Picture 1
Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning my lovely Red Kites smiley


I hope you had a good weekend. It was very windy indeed – my fence blew down! I am thinking of you all and hope you are taking care of yourselves.


Here are some activities to keep you busy over the next couple of days. Just remember to try your best and stay positive. Find some time to relax, play and exercise.


I thought you might like to hear a couple of fun facts:

  • Did you know that 99% of a panda’s diet is bamboo (I’m sure Daisy L knew this, seeing as she is a panda expert!)
  • Your mouth produces about 1litre of saliva each day!


MATHS: It is great to see that most of you have completed all of your assignments and the problem solving activities on Mathletics; an extra well done to all of you that have earned a bronze award! I will now continue to set around 5 activities each day.


READING: Please read for 20mins each day. Think about the setting of your book and compare this to The Hobbit. How does the author bring the setting to life?


SPELLING: Review your spellings from Term 4. You could look, write, cover, check to see which rules you need to revisit this week.



TASK 1: Look at the Alan Peats’ sentence types that are attached.  Choose a creature from Middle Earth and write as many sentence types as you can about itYou could also use the model text (Werewolves) or an alternative NCR to guide you. Please check all of your non-negotiables!




Focus on ‘2a sentences’, ‘similes’ and ‘BOYS’ and write a few examples for each.

Pick 6 of the Alan Peat sentence types and write a few examples for each.

One of every sentence type – some are easier to adapt to factual writing than others!


TASK 2: Begin to innovate the Werewolf NCR. Create a new introduction and a paragraph about appearance. Try to include the features that you identified last week.




Sketch a creature from Middle Earth and label its appearance.

Choose a mythical creature from Middle Earth. E.g. Orc, goblin.

Create your own creature


OPTIONAL: You could draw and annotate your creature.


SCIENCE: Effects of exercise.

Have a look at the uploaded PDF.

TASK: Pulse rate investigation

Pick an exercise for your family members to do. E.g. star jumps for 1min

Name of family member


Pulse rate (resting)

Pulse rate (after exercise


















What conclusion have you come to?


EXTENSION: You could extend this further by creating your own investigation. E.g. I will be looking at the changes in my pulse rate/fitness over a week. I will do a 20min Joe Wicks workout daily.

Create a test to measure the impact – e.g. how many burpees can you do in a minute? Do this test before and after your investigation. Record your pulse rate before and after the investigation. What has happened?

WB 23rd March 2020