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Monday 6th July 2020

Good morning Red Kites laugh I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mr Burchill and Mrs Flynn have told me how brilliant you have all been in school angel I can’t quite believe it, but this is your last week of home learning. How has that happened?! I’m extremely proud of you all and how you have coped with adapting to new routines. I can’t wait to see lots of you next week - I’ll be in school on Tuesday and Wednesday. I bet you are all very excited for your Year 6 transition. Have a brilliant week – keep being amazing!


I have uploaded a grid for the week for you to be getting on with. In addition, I have attached an A-Z well-being (have a go at making your own) and an ELSA home challenge.

Monday 29th June 2020

As Year 5 children are returning to school today, things here will change quite a bit – but I am still here for you.  I will be uploading a grid on Mondays with tasks for you to complete. Below is an outline of how your work will now look.


MATHS: I have now unlocked all of the Mathletics areas of learning.  Please use it as a revision tool to make sure you are as confident as you can be in all areas of maths by the end of the year. I recommend doing a task or two a day.  If you find some areas tricky, take some extra time to revise and practice them.  Alongside this, I have attached some maths projects.  Please choose one and work your way through the project carefully and to the best of your ability. 


READING: I expect you to read critically every day.  I will not keep reminding you!  To read critically means that you take time to think about what you have read.


SPELLING: Continue with your Term 6 spelling list (as well as other lists for revision, if needed).  You can use them whether you are in school or not.  I have also attached a ‘100 common misspellings’ PDF. Remember, as well as learning weekly words and revising previous spelling lists as necessary, you can work on extending your vocabulary.  Do the work that will benefit you the most, but do put the work in! Again, I will expect this to be done without weekly reminders.


ENGLISH:  English based work will be set on your weekly grid.  Feel free to add in other activities that you know will be beneficial to you and continue with the work routine that suits you and your circumstances.


TOPIC: You will all continue with your Tudor topic.  Suggestions will be made on the grid, but feel free to research other areas that interest you!


PE: Keep active in whichever way you prefer – but do get out in the sun and do something!


MUSIC: Remember to log in and practice your brass!


If you are in school, you are also welcome to complete work from the grids (you will notice some overlap between the grids and the work that we set in school).  I encourage you to complete some Mathletics on your home learning days. 


Whether you are in school or not, all I ask of you is to keep trying your best. I miss you all lots and my aim is to arrange to see you all before the summer holidays.


Have a good week!



WB 22nd June 2020

WB 15th June 2020

WB 8th June 2020

WB 1st June 2020

WB 18th May 2020

WB 11th May 2020

MacGale - A Tale Of Ambition & Betrayal (2).mp4

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Why not have a go at some of these activities. You could always do some of the ones we missed at the beginning of May at the start of June.

WB 4th May 2020

WB 4th May 2020 Resources

Brass - Why not try some of these tasks on Yumu?

WB 27th April 2020

WB 20th April 2020

WB 30th March 2020

WB 23rd March 2020

Welcome to our wonderful school!