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Out under the sea art morning was so much fun! We used lots of recyclable materials.

Cricket skills. We have been developing our batting and fielding skills in cricket this term. We have lots of fun getting better at this game and have now started playing matches!

A day celebrating the Queen's Jubilee! Each class dressed up as a different decade and performed a song/dance to the rest of the school. Do you like our 90s outfits?! We loved sharing our Spice Girls dance with everyone!

We enjoyed ourselves at the Paddock this morning (despite the weather!) What a lovely way to celebrate the end of SATs and all the hard work the children have been doing. Thank you so much for bringing in the tasty treats!

Bats and Owls Meerkat mail text map

This week, we explored different Hindu artefacts.

This week we have learnt about Frida Kahlo. We practised sketching our own faces, then created self portraits in her style. Ask us facts about Frida Kahlo... we know lots! You can also ask us about her style.

Djembe drumming workshop! The Owls class had an amazing time yesterday learning from the pupils at Icknield. We learnt call and response techniques and how create a rhythm.

The Great Fire of Watlington! We couldn't believe how fast the fire spread and it made us think about what it would have been like for the people living in London in 1666.

We gathered and apply tools, equipment, skills and techniques to create a Tudor house for our Great Fire of London topic with our buddies this afternoon!

We loved making 3D shapes in maths and discussing their properties!

World Maths Day! We had great fun completing a maths trail outside!

We love our new reading tree! Thank you Miss Watts for updating our book corner.

A busy week in Owls! Musical bumps for Comic Relief and weaving in DT!

As part of our 'Materials' topic, we were set the challenge of using suitable materials to build a house. We described the properties of the material and explained why we thought it would be best. The house had to withstand the 'wind'! Following the violent winds in the classroom, we reflected on the way the houses were built and the materials we chose.

World Book Day 2022 - We had so much fun!

In our English lessons we have been creating our own instructions based on 'How to trap a rat in 1666'. We enjoyed creating our traps this afternoon.

Welcome to the great reading rat race! To move along the race, your child need to read at least 3 times a week! The class who reads the most at the end of term, gets a prize!!

We enjoy our weekly library sessions.

Counting in multiples! Today we used 100 squares to practise counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, 11s, 4s and 3s!

A busy week in Owls! We have been looking at mass and capacity in maths. We enjoyed the glockenspiels in music!

Our buddies designed some games for us to play. It was so much fun!

Friday 14th January

This week we have started learning our new Talk for Writing text, 'how to trap a rat'.  We found clues in the classroom including, cheese, a net, string, a candle and a rat!  We thought of how we could use this equipment to catch it! 

How to trap a rat!

Can you share our text map with your family at home?

Tuesday 11th January 

Today we learnt all about The Great Fire of London, with the team from the Science Museum.  The children were enthusiastic and in awe during the workshop, where they explored fire, the great fire of London and the reasons why the fire spread, then eventually stopped.

Ask us,

How the fire started?

What are the 3 things a fire needs to start?

What helped to stop the fire?


Science Oxford visit

Happy New Year!  We hope you had a lovely break and are now ready for the new term.  


Our new topic is The Great Fire of London, which we know the children are going to enjoy.  Please see the documents below for more information about what we will be learning.  Also, continue to check this page for updates on what we have been doing. 


Please get in touch if you have any questions. 



On Wednesday this week, we went to the church in Watlington.  In RE have been learning about Judaism, looking at the features of a synagogue, the symbol that represents Judaism and other elements of being part of the Jewish community.  

Ask us about,

- The Torah

- The Tallit

- The Kippah

- The Star of David

-The Mezuzah


At the church we spotted the features of a Christian place of worship, including the alter, the crosses, stained glass windows, pulpit, font and lectern. We then made comparisons between the church and a synagogue. 


We also had the pleasure of looking at the beautiful Christmas trees that are part of the Christmas tree festival.  

Spread some kindness! How many can you tick off?

We loved making dinosaur habitats! We thought carefully about what a dinosaur would need to survive.

This week we have been creating our own dinosaurs. We have thought about their appearance, diet and interesting facts!

Our fossilisation art! We drew animal bones in crayon then did a water colour wash over the top to show the layers of sediment.

Our Remembrance work

Today we had an fantastic gymnastics session!  

Our coach asked us 'What sort of rolls do you know?  Not sausage or cheese!'

We knew 'roly poly', 'forwards' and 'backwards'.

During our session we focused on mastering the forwards roll and the log roll.


Ask us about 'the rules of the mats'!

We've had so much fun this term; working hard, making new friends and having fun! Thank you for your ongoing support.

Linked to 'Tom and the Dinosaurs', today we were set the challenge of designing our lighthouses. We looked at patterns from all over the world and used them to inspire our designs. We used cylinders to create our own, which we painted. Finally we were set the challenge of making a bulb light up. After lots of talking, co-operating, concentrating and trial and error, we managed to get them working! Tomorrow we are going to add a buzzer!

After receiving a letter from an archeologist who needed our help, we examined dinosaur poo to find out if it came from a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.

We described, designed, sketched, coloured and painted our own islands!

Friday 1st October - We retold Tom and the dinosaurs using freeze frames

Friday 24th September

Parents, ask us:

- What did you do in music this week?

- Can you show me part of your dance from PE?

- Can you share your favourite part of the story map for 'Tom and the Dinosaurs' with me?

- What are nouns, verbs adjectives? Can you give me any examples?

- Can you show me how to partition a number into tens and ones? For example, 34 = 30 + 4 / 3 tens and 4 ones


See the slideshow below.

Friday 17th September

This week, our highlights have been: 

- Rapping and singing 'hey you'

- Ordinal numbers in maths (1st, 2nd, 3rd). We got to throw paper aeroplanes!

- Learning about 'Tom and the dinosaurs' in English.

- Playing games in PE


See the slideshow below.

Welcome to the Owls class page!


We will be sharing our owl adventures here, so please keep checking in, preferably with your children, so they can talk about what we have been learning!


We have also attached a copy of the class newsletter, home learning grid, spellings and topic web.  These are also in your child's home learning book. 


The home learning books will be sent home on Fridays and should be returned by the next Wednesday.  


If you have any questions please get in touch with us.


Best wishes


Mrs Sterjo and Mrs Doran



Welcome to our wonderful school!