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Friday 3rd April 2020


Good Morning Robins!

How are you all? We hope you are happy and full of sunshine!

Have you designed your own Easter eggs! Do they have lots of colours and patterns on? Mrs Priddle’s egg has lots of stripes on, Mrs Shaw’s has lots of spots on and Mrs Hanger’s has all the colours of the rainbow on! Did you enjoy the song we sent you on Charanga? Have you talked about our picture of the week?

Here are some interesting activities that you and your family might enjoy today.

Remember to do lots of the following: exercise, drawing, cutting, rhyming, baking, singing, CosmicKids Yoga, dancing, jigsaws, dressing up, pretending you are on an adventure or your favourite character from a book or television, playing games and enjoy some Easter eggs or treats! We sure will be!

We wish you all a very happy Easter break together with your families.

Take care and have fun!

Mrs Hanger, Mrs Priddle and Mrs Shaw X


With the playdough you might have made, practise some of the moves taught by Shonette on ‘Spread the Happiness TV’ on YouTube.


Do the Dough Disco funky moves!

Have an Easter egg hunt in your garden – how many eggs did you find- how many eggs did members of your family find? How many eggs altogether?  Remember to count carefully!

Collect natural materials from outside such as sticks and leaves and have a go at making an Easter wreath or a nest.

Make some Easter nests using:

Mix all the ingredients together and pop a few mini eggs on top!

WARNING…they will be delicious – do not eat them all at once!


Also…it was International Children’s Book Day 2020 yesterday! Take some time to get all your favourite books out over the Easter break and have a look at them with your family. You could read to them and then they could read to you. Look at all the pictures and say what you see...what is happening and why? Tell someone what your favourite part is and who your favourite character is and why.


Our favourite book at the moment is ‘Peely Wally’ by Kali Stileman. It is about a very colourful bird (Peely Wally) who lays an egg. The egg goes on an adventure. Our favourite part is at the end…when the egg cracks! 

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Happy first day of April Robins!

How are you all? We are thinking of you all.

Have you been singing the 'Days of the Week' song to each other at home?

(Remind yourselves of the words by looking at the timetable attached at the bottom of this webpage).

Did you make up an exercise class? If you did we bet it was great fun and very exciting for your family to follow! What does your Easter crown look like? Have you taken a photo for your home learning book? Did you look at the picture of the week and have talk about it?

Here are some interesting activities that you and your family might like to do together today and tomorrow.

What exercise are you doing today? Can you move like one of our chicks and flap your wings?

Have a great couple of days.

Mrs Hanger, Mrs Priddle and Mrs Shaw X

Have a game of

‘Voice Sounds’- can you make your voice go down a slide – wheee!

Make your voice bounce like a ball- boing, boing

Sound really disappointed- oh

Hiss like a snake-sssssss

Keep everyone quiet- shshshsh

Moo like a cow- mmmoooo

Be a train- choo choo

Buzz like a bee- zzzzzzzzz

Be a clock- tick tock


Can you sing ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ and do all the actions? How many hops can you do?


Log into your Charanga account and find a new song that we’ve sent you to have a sing and boogie to.



Draw and cut out your own Easter eggs - what amazing colours and patterns can you decorate them with?

Pretend you are a king or  queen for the morning and wear your Easter crown. What do kings and queens do? What do they say? What do they think? 


Play ‘Kim’s Game’ with your family using objects that you find around the house. How many objects can you remember?


Create a nest for yourself – what can you use from around your home to make your nest snuggly?




Monday 30th March 2020

Happy Monday Robins!

We hope you are smiling and full of energy this morning!

How was your weekend? Did you play outside in the sunshine and wind with your families?

How did throwing and catching go? Did you throw a ball higher than your Mummy or Daddy? Did you catch using both your hands? How did you do with CosmicKids Yoga – how many stretches did you do?

Here are some interesting activities that you and your family might like to do together today and tomorrow.

Remember, Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is doing a daily workout for kids on his YouTube channel.

Have a look below as you might want to make up your own exercises aswell! 

Have a lovely couple of days.

Mrs Hanger, Mrs Priddle and Mrs Shaw X


On the CBeebies website watch a clip of Peter Rabbit. Watch how Peter and his friends move – can you hop, skip, spin, jump like them? Can you make up an exercise class for your family?


Have a think about what Peter Rabbit and his family might eat? Where do rabbits live? What do you think rabbits have in their homes? Can you write and draw your answers in your home learning book?


Can you remember the cute little chicks that hatched in our classroom a couple of weeks ago? Can you make a nest for chick – what could you use? How do chicks want to feel in their nests?


Have a go at making your own playdough. Here is a recipe for you to follow if you need.

1 cup plain flour

1/3 of a cup salt

2 teaspoons cream of tartar

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 cup boiling water (this cooks the ingredients without the need to stand over the hob and heat)

Food colouring (experiment)


Investigate what happens by having a go at a Science experiment with your family and investigate germs and learn how important it is to always wash your hands.



It is nearly Easter! Can you make an Easter crown? What wild and wonderful materials could you use? We'd love to see a photo of your fantastic creations!




Also....below is a picture for you to have a good think and talk about. Parents please encourage your children to talk and share their ideas. You could ask them who, what, where, why, when questions to encourage conversation and record any responses in the children’s home learning books.
Picture 1

Robins - Please find a daily timetable to use as a guide!