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Owls 2022-23

Welcome to Owls 2022-23!

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all the documents you need for the Owls class this year as well as lots of updates about our learning each week. Please enjoy reading about what we are doing in class and remember to email us if you have any questions.

Spring Term Documents

Term 3

Week 4

Design Technology

Axles and Wheels

We are exploring how vehicles move, studying the importance of axles and how their strength supports the chassis and enables the wheels to move freely. We are going to be exploring different wheels and axles in the next couple of weeks ready to design and build our own Moon Buggy. 

Home Learning

It was lovely this week to celebrate our home learning in a class 'gallery'. The children were great at complimenting each other's work and explaining WHY they liked it. Well done Owls!

Science: Exploring habitats

This week we explored the meaning of a 'habitat' and how the seven life processes need a habitat to enable them to work.

Can the children remember the 7 life processes? Using 'MRS GREN' might help them! We then explored our school playground habitat searching for living, dead and never living objects. It was surprising to find a tiny ladybird at this time of year!

Jigsaw: Dreams and Goals

The children have been challenged to try some new mini goals this term and consider how we break a goal down into achievable chunks. We done for those who have learned how to count to ten in Mandarin and recall the poem 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat' so fluently!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week 3


Exploring whether objects are LIVING, DEAD or NEVER ALIVE. Lots of great discussion about the objects, especially those that may have once been alive.

Maths-counting and using money

The Owls are focussing on money at the moment and which coins and notes can make different totals. The Owls needed to be great at counting in different amounts-2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s. Can you practise this at home?

RE and Buddhism

This week we examined where Buddhism began and learned, recalled and told the story of Siddartha and how he became Buddha or ‘teacher’. Can the children tell you this story at home too?

PE and Tag Rugby

Our second week learning new skills in rugby with our sports leaders. The children understand and can apply the rules of tagging and hold and run with the ball accurately. There was some great examples of dodging the tag gets too…we are on our way to becoming great team players in this sport!


This week we have been looking at space travel and how it has changed over time. We had to identify and order key events form the past. We made timelines in small groups and then discussed as a class if we agreed with the order. We learnt some interesting facts! Can you tell people at home - What the first animal in space was? Who was the first person on the moon? Who was the first British astronaut in space?


On Monday in our reading lesson we started a new book - The Darkest Dark. Ask us what has happened so far. This week we were working on our inference skills. We had to think about how the little boy was feeling? Why was he feeling this way?


Week 1 and 2

3,2,1...BLAST OFF! To get our topic of 'The World and Beyond' off to an exciting start, we headed into space in Owls. We dressed up some children as astronauts and got ready to send them into space. First, they started with some physical training to ensure they were fit enough for time in space. After that, we had to get them into the space shuttle- a bit of a tight squeeze! Following that, we blasted off into space. We learned that it takes between 6 hours and 3 days to reach the international space station, so we needed to be ready for a long journey. We enjoyed looking at the world from far above in space-it made us all feel very small.

The children enjoyed creating their own space shuttles in the playground too.

We can't wait to get started and learn about explorers who have a achieved incredible feats exploring this world and beyond!

In English this week we wrote our Cold Writes - We had to describe a journey into space! The children were both imaginative and creative and produced some lovely stories. Later in the week we introduced our new story map that we will be learning this term. It is called 'Man on the Moon'. We have been enjoying learning the story using actions to help us remember.

To help us have a deeper understanding of the text, we created some excellent questions for the main character. We also used our imaginations to extend our understanding of the character and setting through hot seating-the Owls were fantastic at developing Bob's life!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In maths we have been looking at properties of 2D shapes. We also had a go at creating shapes using lines of symmetry. In PE this week we had an exciting visit from a sports coach who led a great session on cricket. We managed to enjoy the lesson just before the heavy rain arrived!

Week 7

Windsor Castle Trip

Wow! What a fantastic end to our Castles topic! The children were incredible and experienced so much during the day. They really showed their exceptional knowledge and understanding and it all came to life seeing it for real. 

They up close view of the Changing of the Guard (no other school been allowed such access apparently!); St George's Chapel and Queen Elizabeth's resting place; a practical workshop all about the workings of a castle; a tour of the State Rooms including Queen Mary's dolls house and many opulent golden rooms! The children behaved impeccably and were fantastic ambassadors for our school.

Week 5 and 6

Design and Technology

Owls have been incredibly busy this week exploring what makes a successful biscuit. Lots of evaluation, design and cooking has been going on to create the perfect Christmas cookie. The children even thought about how they could improve the process and outcomes next time: "We could add other ingredients like fruit or chocolate to make it taste different." "We need to ensure we don't add as much flour so it's not as crumbly." "We need to remember to put our aprons on so we don't get as messy!"

Yoga Time

We have been adding yoga to our class PE lessons to help build strength, concentration and focus. This has helped the children in their gymnastics routines too. 

Week 4


This week we were continuing to practice our dribbling skills. We had different stations and we had to dribble carefully and get past our partner in order to score.




We have been learning about Islam this term and this week's focus has been understanding the importance of Ramadan to Muslims and what it involves. Owls made their own Ramadan lanterns just like the real ones that adorn houses during this important time of fasting. We explored how this helps Muslims begin to prepare for the celebrations and festival at the end of Ramadan. 



This term we have been looking at the artist John Piper

He liked to paint watercolours of landscapes and interesting architecture. He particularly liked painting churches.

We looked at some of the castles that he painted and tried to recreate some of our own.

After we painted the pictures we used lines of different sizes and thickness to add texture.

Term 2 Weeks 2 and 3

A busy couple of weeks of learning in the Owls!


As it is anti-bullying week this week, we have been focussing on this topic in our Jigsaw lessons and assemblies. We discussed and clarified what the word' bullying' means and how it makes us feel. The children were really perceptive with the words they chose and were confident in explaining who they would ask for help both in school and at home. Here are the the definitions and feelings we came up with.



We have been learning to develop a range of gymnastic balances both on the floor and the benches (our version of a beam!). The children could then begin to join these balances together in short routines. The skills the children noticed they needed were: using strong tummy muscles, ensuring steady legs, looking forward and pointing toes.we also did a range of animal stretches in our warm up led by our year 5 and 6 sports leaders.


In our other PE session we are learning to improve our skills in football. Last week we were learning how to pass a ball to each other and then this week we began learning about dribbling the ball. Unfortunately, the weather was not kind to us and before we managed to get some photos we were rained off! Photo’s to follow next week.


The children have been learning and appraising a Christmas song by looking at the structure of the song (verses, chorus, instrumental sections), the style of song and what instruments are used. It was fantastic to see the children beginning to use this knowledge and apply it to adding their own instrumental section on glockenspiels! Great work Owls!

Topic - Geography focus

This week we were looking at where castles were built in the United Kingdom. We used the Atlases to locate the 4 countries - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island. Then looked at what the surrounding seas were. 

Term 2 Week 1

Wow! What a week of learning and focus in Owls!

Celebrating Perseverance

Huge congratulations to Jimi who asked to play his guitar for the Owls-we were all really impressed with his perseverance, progress and love of music-a rock star in the making! 



This week we have explored how to PREDICT, thinking about the wider world and our knowledge of books and authors. We are exploring The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl in reading lessons this term and the children considered their predictions about characters and story after examining the front cover and reading the blurb. It was wonderful to hear the children thinking about the types of stories Roald Dahl tells to help them with their predictions. Some were:

"She might use her magic finger to shoot mangoes at people who make her angry."

"She hasn't learned how to control her anger and is accidentally shooting it at people."

"She might turn them into crumbs!"

"She might turn them into toads!"

Spelling and Phonics

We have explored our tricky spelling this week, using an mnemonic for because to help us:

Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants

We have also investigated a range of graphemes to ensure that we can use them when spelling new and unfamiliar words: knew, clock, ice, kind and key


We have begun our new unit exploring non-chronological reports with a focus on a text all about Windsor Castle. See below for the story map to practise at home! We discussed the order of the facts and new vocabulary as we as the layout of the text.


A great finish to the week exploring coins and money when solving problems involving addition and subtraction-can you try shopping with cash and counting the change? Check it is right!

Remembrance Day

We are beginning our important reflection on remembrance by working with the local community to create a poppy display in The Granary window. All the children in Owls created a poppy to add to the display and we discussed their symbolism and relevance to the wider community.


Observation and exploration of how materials can change shape and WHY this might be useful in everyday life.

We observed how different objects could change shape, if they stayed in that shape or not and WHY that might be-excellent questions and use of scientific language.

Week 7

What a fantastic term we have had in Owls! We are really proud of all the achievements and progress this term. The children finished their work on story writing this week by bringing their stories to life. They spent some time telling our stories to the Hedgehogs. The children used expression, different voices and eye contact to engage their audience in their story telling. We are very excited because Hedgehogs have promised to come up and visit the Owls soon to tell stories too!

Online Safety

This week we have talking about keeping safe online. We talked about all the devices we use at home and school and how we can keep ourselves safe. In one of our lessons we talked about what a digital footprint is. We were amazed how much information we could find out about a person just from what they were doing online!


This week have been working on our number bonds to 10/20 and even 100. We have been using concrete objects / white boards and problem solving activities to recognise patterns and deepen our understanding. We then used the laptops to consolidate some of these maths skills we had been practising this week. 

Week 6

A great week of learning in the Owls Class!


Owls used lots of concrete objects to explore number families this week and solve problems using known facts. Some real perseverance was seen when some of the children solved a number bond to ten triangle.

English: Owls have LOVED the invention stage of writing this week-creating their own monsters for our 'overcoming the monster tales.' They have applied interesting adjectives for the characters and sentence openers to show the sections of the story. They have also focussed on using their cursive letters-getting ready for joining soon!

Jigsaw: We reflected on the consequences to our actions and how rewards help us feel motivated to try our best both in school and at home.

Science: We put into practice our understanding of material properties this week with an investigation into which is the most suitable material to build a castle from-lots of excellent scientific language used and close observations too. They children decided that slate or wood would be good because it is strong, rigid and water-resistant.

Outdoor Learning Day

What a fantastic day of outdoor learning we had!

We started the day with some much needed work in the allotments, digging and weeding and preparing beds. Following that, we collected a range of stunning Autumn leaves. These became inspiration for a poem using similes to describe the leaves...there will be a performance of this poem in net Friday's sharing assembly... but here are a few taster similes that the children came up with:

Like crunchy burnt toast

Fireworks flying high

A boat for a little mouse

Swirly like a tornado.

We then made some clay hedgehogs-moulding the clay was harder than it looks, but the finished products were fantastic, adorned with stick spikes. These will come home next week when the clay is dry.

In the afternoon, we also had a great session in forest school making dens for our class owl Snowy.

Well done Owls-a great day of learning new skills in so many areas.




Open Afternoon

Thank you to all the families who joined us in Owls for our open afternoon. It was lovely to see the children so excited to share their classroom and learning with you all! If you were unable to visit at this time, please see us to come in at another time and your child can share their books with you.

Visit from PCSO Sue

KS1 were fortunate to have a visit from a local PCSO this week. We welcomed Sue to school to talk about the job of being a Police Officer and how they keep us all safe. We listened to the story of PC Ben and discussed all the different jobs police officers do on a daily basis. The children asked some great questions and showed a clear understanding of how the police help us in our lives. Well done Bats and Owls!

If you would like to look at this story at home, follow this link:



Science-Everyday Materials

In our science lessons this term we are studying everyday materials and their properties.

Today Owls thought about the materials that objects in our class are made from and which properties help them do their job. Her are some of the words we used to help us. Can they explain what they mean to you at home?










Art in Owls

Over the last couple of weeks we have enjoyed sketching portraits of the Queen. We then used watercolours to paint our pictures.

Week 2

We have had another busy week in Owls class! On Monday morning we found out that a witch had kidnapped Mrs Sterjo! She had managed to tie her up in forest school. In our English lessons we had to write a story explaining how we were going to help her escape! Luckily she did eventually manage to escape. In maths we have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones.

Week 1

What a fantastic week we have had in the Owls! The children have all settled in well and have enjoyed learning about our new routines. We have enjoyed starting our new topic linked to Castles. The children had a wonderful lesson building a class castle and adding all the key elements and people. The children used books to research castle life. We were really impressed with their team work in this lesson and how they used their creativity to make a drawbridge, battlements and even a dungeon!

Well done Owls.

Please can we remind you to ensure that ALL jumpers, cardigans and fleeces are clearly labelled and remind the children to put them in drawers or bags when not wearing them-we have already had various items of clothing go walkabout-thank you!


Welcome to our wonderful school!