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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Senior Leadership Team
Role Name

Mrs Yvonne Hammerton-Jackson

Deputy Headteacher Mr Jonathan Gale
Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) Miss Arabella Hale
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Lead Mrs Gemma Sterjo
Key Stage 1 Coordinator Miss Rhiannon Sharman
Key Stage 2 Coordinator Mr Jonathan Gale



Hedgehogs 1 Teacher

Mrs Sarah Stewart

Hedgehogs 2 Teacher

Mrs Gemma Sterjo

Robins Class Nursery Staff

Mrs Heather Humphries (Teacher)

Mrs Kim Priddle (Nursery Nurse)

Hedgehogs Class Teaching Assistant

Miss Miriam Evans

Hedgehogs Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jane Brown

Robins Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lucinda Shaw

Robins Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kimberley Bennett


KS1 and KS2 Teams

Bats Class Teacher (Year 1)

Miss Yasmin Collinson

Bats Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Marie Heycock

Bats Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sabine Adams

Owls Class Teacher (Year 2) Monday-Wednesday

Mrs Louise Wiltshire

Owls Class Teacher (Year 2) Thursday-Friday

Miss Amy Gardner

Owls Class Teaching Assistant

Miss Annabel Hogan

Owls Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sally Garrod

Foxes Class Teacher (Year 2/3) Monday-Wednesday

Mrs Amanda Flynn

Foxes Class Teacher (Year 2/3) Thursday-Friday

Miss Rhiannon Sharman

Foxes Class Teaching Assistant

Miss Bridget Brown

Badgers Class Teacher (Year 3/4)

Mrs Ashlea Jesson

Badgers Class Teaching Assistant Mrs Hilary Seymour

Badgers Class Teaching Assistant

Miss Julie Lowing

Hares Class Teacher (Year 4)

Miss Arrabella Hale

Hares Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Chris Tappin

Red Kites Class Teacher (Year 5)

Miss Annabel Smout

Red Kites Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karina Guy

Swallows Class Teacher (Year 5/6) Monday-Wednesday

Mrs Helen Dowling

Swallows Class Teacher (Year 5/6) Thursday-Friday

Mr Jonathan Gale

Swallows Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fiona McCarthy

Swallows Class Teaching Assistant

Miss Jo Dearlove

Golden Eagles Class Teacher (Year 6)

Miss Aimee Johnson

Golden Eagles Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jo Read


PPA Cover

Mrs Rosie Southon

School Librarian

Mrs Freddie Shannon


Office Team
Office Manager Mrs Jo Arnold
Receptionist / School Admin Support Miss Sarah Dallimer
School Administrator Mrs Doreen Hobbs


Site Team
Site Manager Mrs Mandy Baker

Cleaner and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Julia Burton
Cleaner and Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Jane Margetts
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Rachel Lewickyj-Spicer
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Nicola Outram